Review | PowerWash Simulator: Back to the Future Special Pack

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Great Scott!  PowerWash Simulator has brought Back to the Future into the game with its latest DLC pack.  For $8 you’ll get to clean up Doc Brown’s Van, the DeLorean, and more.  Is it worth the cost?  Yes, should you still read on, sure!

The Zen of PowerWashing

This review will be short and sweet.  PowerWash Simulatir: Back to the Future DLC Pack is only $8 and offers up these new maps.

  • Doc’s Van
  • DeLorean Time Machine
  • ClockTower
  • Movie Theater
  • Doc’s Time Train

It’s familiar to anyone who has played the game, the base of which is still on Game Pass for console and pc.  The only map I found a bit tiring was the train, as the insane angles you’ll have to hit can be maddening to figure out if you’re playing the DLC non-stop for a few hours like me.  For those doing their zen PowerWashing sessions though it is great. 

The texture work is excellent, with even a few surprise animations thrown in. This feels like a labor of love from a team that found a winning formula and has kept releasing high quality content since launch. Like previous maps you can play solo or with one friend as you unlock each new map and the head back in with up to 5 co-op partners for the truly crazy fun that PWS can offer.

Wrapping Things Up

It’s a short and sweet DLC that gets a short and sweet recommendation. If you love PowerWash Simulator then this is $8 you should go and spend right now


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