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In which act was this?

For me it was

Act 1 : Opphilia (if I got that name right, the widow.)

Act 2 : Brother Guy

It’s very sad indeed because no matter who you pick as culprit, at the end of the day it’s all being done by one guy. The one guy you can’t make a suspect.

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No thats not right. We learn at the end of the game who wrote the notes and who pulled the threads. But even the thread puller doesn’t know who really did the murders. We all will never now. Its a secret of a game in a dark time and beautifully done.

I accused the Prior in Act 1 and Guy in Act 2. I have no remorse, both these assholes deserved their brutal death.

After the credits is a scene with a family tree. And there Ursula and Vasclav burned at the stake in my ending. And that was my fault, i encouraged them to speak openly. As we all learned, this was not a free speech period in German history.