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Damn, it’s now clear that you can miss out on things

This is after the big happening which is the murder.

Managed to talk to three of the four suspects.

Time advanced and when it was night I couldn’t visit Lucky anymore, doors are closed. Now I’m back at the part where the game begins as well. Well, seems like this will be something for a second playthrough.

yeah, impossible to see it all for major things in a single playthrough

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Yeah, and some things aren’t exactly clear to me. This involves something in the cemetery.

I keep going to Otto so we can go dig the grave for I assume more evidence against Ferenc, but Andreas keeps saying he has stuff to do still. Now I’m talking to Jacob and I can’t present all the evidence I wanted.

Also, I was invited to join a group of women that love to gossip and I might learn something about the murder. But I must talk to Johan and ask to attend. I do this during “sext” but all Johan does it greet me. Hmmm.

And this has resulted in the widow being executed. I really wish I had dug up that grave immediately before talking to the other suspects and advancing time.

Act 1 finished, and I’m left with several questions, damn.

I wish we had manual save in this game, but at the same time I get I why we don’t.

Started it as a more detective like persona with logic and science background. But my second playthrough will be as a somewhat assholish occultist.

Its great! I love how it plays in Bavaria and has a glossary and i constantly open wikipedia to nerd out for historical figures and facts.

KF have a great (and long!) interview with Josh on the Xcast if anyone is curious.


Act 2 finished.

My Andreas Maler is a bookworm, if yours isn’t, DO NOT read these spoiler bits.

To my utter frustration Andreas decided it was best to try and save as many books and possible which resulted in his death. How much can you care about books? Worth dying for? Thought this outcome was a bit too drastic for my liking.

If there ever was one game that begs so much to be played again, to try out different dialogue options, it’s this. What an experience so far!

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Was once told by a game developer that the reason the HUD in their game was so small (as to be practically useless at couch viewing distance) was that it was developed and tested by people with 65" displays just across a desk so no one had thought about it.


I’m easily bored by narrative games with a lot of reading but it is something special. There’s so many characters at beginning of the game but they are all so well written that it’s hard to put it down.

I think I love it already but there’s not enough hours in a day to play all these games sadly !


Only played a couple of hours so far, but I’m really enjoying this game. The attention to detail in this game really pulls you in and I’m learning a lot of historical facts with the beautifully presented glossary. The stories not really started yet, yet the game has hooked me.


I need to hurry up and finish Monkey Island so I can give this game a shot.

Also, this amused me:


As much as I’d love to see Sawyer take on a huge game again, I also would love more games like these. Narrative adventure games, always loved them but he makes it into something different. The era they cover is done really well too. And I really digged the time skips too. Didn’t expect that.


Well, damn. I would imagine nobody games like that at home. If they’d fix that, that would be nice. But I doubt it. Whenever I get the game I guess I’ll have to move way closer to my 65 inch TV to read everything.

I believe that the text is resizable.

I have been reading a lot that this game is perfect for handholds, such as the Steam Deck.

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They already did, once it was raised they chucked it into the next patch.

So you’ve probably played it already and not noticed :slight_smile: .

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Sword and Fairy? That’s good to hear. I don’t have the game just yet. :slight_smile:

No the one with the cowboys, don’t like to mention it as it usually leads to a load of questions about their other big franchise that I can’t answer (as I know nothing).

Now you’ve completely lost me, haha. I thought you were talking about the Chinese game Sword and fairy all this time.


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credits rolled

Oh no, i must have made a huge mistake because poor Ursula burned at the stake. i’m absolutely heartbroken.

Great game and story. Very authentic, very bleak.

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In which act was this?

For me it was

Act 1 : Opphilia (if I got that name right, the widow.)

Act 2 : Brother Guy

It’s very sad indeed because no matter who you pick as culprit, at the end of the day it’s all being done by one guy. The one guy you can’t make a suspect.

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