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When High on Life from developers Squanch Games released last year, it was a genuine surprise. While I acknowledge the humour isn’t for everyone, it was a bright, bold and imaginative FPS and was a bit of a viral hit, particularly because it released straight on to Xbox Game Pass at the end of a very dry 2022 for Xbox fans.

9 months later, Squanch Games are now bringing us a sizeable expansion with “High on Knife”; a story focused almost entirely on everyone’s favourite sentient serrated blade, Knifey. Is it worth your pennies?

Two Years Later…

The story of High on Knife is set two years after the events of the main game. Gene is still legless and parked on the sofa in our house, and we’re still a bounty hunter, doing what bounty hunters do. Let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room – with Justin Roiland’s departure from both the game and the studio, Kenny has been replaced with a new version of the same gun, called Harper, voiced by SNL’s Sarah Sherman. The in-game explanation is that we ‘accidentally’ dropped Kenny somewhere while bounty hunting, and we should really be more careful – Gatlians are sentient beings after all. Aside from that small acknowledgement, that’s all the time that’s spent on introducing Harper, and the game suffers not one bit from Roiland’s absence.

In fact, it’s as funny as it ever was, and I’ll touch on some of that off-beat humour in a moment. For this expansion, the focus is squarely on Knifey, voiced by Michael Cusack. While we were out on our last bounty hunting mission, delivery and shipping company Muxxalon tried to deliver something to Knifey from his home planet. Excited about what it could be, we embark on a journey to Peroxis, the planet on which Muxxalon is headquartered.

A Pinch of Salt

Peroxis is a world of salt flats, hilariously populated by a group of slugs residing in Salt Lick City, who absolutely refuse to believe it’s making them ill in any way shape or form. In a similar vein to the main game, it acts as a hub world of sorts, with plenty of amusing characters, collectibles and skits to discover. One particular highlight was a race against Slugstar, the self-proclaimed “fastest slug in Salt Lick City”. The par time I had to beat was 14 hours, and Slugstar’s reaction to my inevitable victory was, well, profane.

It’s also here you collect a new gun, called B.A.L.L, powered by 3 very naked, gibberish speaking aliens. It again shows some serious imagination from Squanch games, as it acts like a pinball – time your shots and you can reflect the ball again and again, until it has enough kinetic energy within it that it simply explodes. It’s a blast to use, and became the weapon of choice for most of my time with High on Knife.

Sci-fi spookiness and whacky humour

There are bunch of standout hilarious and “WTF” moments as we make our way to Muxxalon, from talking to a giant alien named Toxxo and having a relaxing bath in toxic waste, popping parasites, an utterly mental riff on the sitcom Cheers (located next to a giant anus, also featuring a definitely unlicensed Kelsey Grammer as Frasier) and lastly, taking on ant poachers who keep raiding a humble duffalo ranch. Things happen with a duffalo that I don’t think I can get into in writing. You’ll find out for yourself.

High on Knife was billed as having some horror tropes, and while that is kind of true, I wouldn’t say I was particularly unsettled once I made my way through Muxxalon HQ. It does have Squanch Games twisted take on some of the tropes of the genre, with plenty of body horror and a nice nod to Xbox franchise, Gears of War. Perhaps the real horror is working in a packing factory under indentured servitude, pressing two buttons to just ship packages across the galaxy for all time. Sounds plenty horrific to me.

If you loved High on Life, you’ll find plenty to love in this expansion, with new areas to explore, a host of new achievements and a fairly sizeable piece of narrative to go through. My biggest criticism comes from a lack of good reminders on how things work until you’re quite a good way in to your time on Peroxis – it’s been nearly a year since I last played High on Life, and I’d completely forgotten almost everyone’s unique abilities. The game does start delivering mini-tutorials and reminders on those abilities eventually (literally 3 minutes after I wrote that note down during my playthrough). The expansion does feel a little rough around the edges when it comes to performance on console, and with so many varied mechanics to contend with, later fights against enemies can become more than a little chaotic.

All in all though, I had a great time with High on Knife, and I do plan on going back in to clean up some undiscovered items, which thankfully, the game allows you to do, even after completing the main questline. If you loved the off-beat humour, gross body horror and Rick and Morty style humour of the original game, you’ll hardly be making a mistake picking this mini-expansion up. It’s Knifey’s time to shine (or stab everyone)…or both.


Nice review. Looking forward to giving this a run through.

Xbox store still has this DLC marked as “not available separately”. :confused:

I really enjoyed the game a lot last year, some of the humor didn’t land but most of it did. Especially that alien in his spacecraft that just talked and talked and talked and wouldn’t shut up. I just thought he was hilarious.

I will definitely play this sometime in the (near) future.

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Nice review. I enjoyed the game more than I thought I would so I’ll keep an eye out for the game with this DLC in some sale later on. I don’t buy DLC for Game Pass games unless it’s Xbox games.

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I had been looking for something in life to give me that natural high, this game was it!

I tried everything,

Driving on the wrong side of the road, Driving without a seat belt, Showing up to jobs that I didn’t work at and just saying “my name is dave, Mr jenkins told me to start today”

Going to random funerals of people i dont know and making speeches, I donated my kidneys so when i drank it hit me harder,

Jumping across train tracks right before they pass,

Where was i?

Oh yes, this game made me high on life


Well that deal didn’t take long to materialize. The game + the dlc is on sale for $7 for me atm. Holy shit that’s a damn good deal heh.

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Welcome to the club!

Pretty crazy, that’s like half the price of just the DLC.

Is that right now for everyone? Is it part of the sales this week?

It was in my “Just for you” deals. I think there’s a general deal as well, but not as cheap.

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High on Life and High on Knife GamePass DLC bundle is $20, but has a 20% GP discount so its $16. This is a great price as is for the game and DLC.

Some gamers are seeing a Just For You Deal marking it down to around $8 to $10.

I added the GP Bundle to my wishlist and when I checked around an hour later I had the JFY $8 deal.

Ah, I had that with FC6 earlier this year, those are great deals.

Only bundles? So the dlc can’t even be purchased separately? I finished the main game already, so I’d only need the DLC, and since main game is still on GP I thought I’d do it that way. It’s a good price still, true.

No. It can, but its not as cheap. So you may as well spend less to get more!

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Yeah, crazy deal. As I said in my original post, I don’t buy DLC for games I don’t own so this is perfect.

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