Review | Halo the Series: S02E05 - Aleria


I thought the episode was out today when I saw this. Judging by this video, it does sound like this season is not only course correct the direction but so as the existing character. If Season 3 continues with the same director or someone with familiar style, then it will only get better.

It’s spoiler-lite because it’s a full day early, otherwise I would have done a full breakdown. Always curious to see when they embargo things.

No spoilers.

It was a slower episode with some great highlights. It just confirms once again that it is a TV show and character development is more important than seeing them killing covenants and saving people. We see spartans struggling with the aftermath of Reach, with pain and with their emotions and I loved it.

It’s not what you imagine to see in a Halo series, but man, it is setting things up for some cathartic scenes later on.


I’m convinced that:

By the end, Master Chief will be alone with Cortona by the time they reach Halo. I don’t know if this was always the plan but it certainly going toward the game sensation instead of the novels where he was with his team. That said I love how bit by bit he’s losing everything and you can tell the pain is eating him inside.


Yeah, I had the same feeling. Just imagining John and Cortana exploring a Halo ring get me so excited. I hope they nailed that feeling. It will probably be in the last episode though.

Schreiber is good in that episode. He’s really good.

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Given what happened in the games, I did laugh a bit at them bringing Cortana into their flagship - like “guys, you really don’t know how dangerous she is do you?”.

Installation00 did a great rundown of this week’s episode: