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Oh, in the regard, yeah, I understand.

Anyone having issues with the graphics either hasn’t paid attention to months and months of video feed or is a troll

Really great review. Detailed and meaty, excellent!

As for the game it looks great, I’ll be racing on the 10th so still a ways off. I hope they make the campaign more interesting though, that is what I’ll be playing primarily. The caRPG thing is right up my alley though so I suspect I’ll be happy enough with it.


Seems like the PC version is having some tech issues that people are complaining about that are not present in the Xbox version, washed out colors, bad performance. Of course people are taking that as a dig on Xbox but seems like a pretty typical pc release where their are a few quirky image bug people are running into while Series X seems pretty good overall

Eh, it’s PC. Always the same sheit.


Yea, just seeing people trying their best to shove that narrative over to the Xbox version. Sad all the crap new releases on Xbox have to go through to get a fair shake.


They’re right, you know. That’s why I don’t wish for any more PS titles on PC, thanks to TLOU.

Outside of the campaign sounds like a good time. I’ll probably hold off in hopes the campaign gets updated as that’s where I’ll spend 99% of my time.

I’m definitely going to play a lot of this game once it releases, but I’m honestly just baffled at their complete lack of ability/desire to create even the most basic of story modes. I get it, this is a “sim racer”, but that didn’t stop them from implementing what I consider to be a terrible way of upgrading your cars by having to “level them up” to install better parts. It just feels weird to me to do it this way.

Honestly, all they would have to do to placate the majority of people would be to include a “Player level” that you can increase across your campaign and reaching certain levels would unlock events, cars, sponsorships, etc. And once you hit the level cap, you could just “Prestige” and start your level over again while retaining all of your previous unlocks. Hitting new milestones could unlock even newer things such as liveries or decals for your car. I don’t know about others, but that would satisfy me enough.

I really hope they actually listen to the feedback everyone continues to give them and implement something, anything that might attract the gamer that isn’t simply a die hard track racer.

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Luke Reilly is not hot on the new progression system, he seems to love everything else about the game though.

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So the washout issues is a bug, if you adjust the gamma settings and save and do not restart the game it will be washed out. So after you adjust those settings restart the game.

My first impressions:

I have played it for a couple of hours already. The handling of the car feels great. The reaction of the car to the bends is near perfect and on par with other semi-sim racers like current GT games. The presentation is fantastic. It gives the impression of a serious game with no gimmicks.

I just finished 10 laps of free training on Barcelona (the shorter variant) on an unmodified 90s Miata!!! That’s a very low E class. And it was a joy.

I agree with Shadowgasm that they should give freedom to unlock the cars, but the most important thing is that driving the cars does not feel at all like a chore but pure bliss, even slow ones.

The game is kinda like a sim racer for non purists.

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Also played a couple of hours, finishing the first two cups in career mode with a Civic and a Golf.

Playing in Performance RT mode and it looks great and plays so too. Had to get used to the ‘simcade’ driving, but I noticed it was improving every race. Still keeping those brake lines on for now though. :wink:

Can’t wait to play more tomorrow, got a brand new pitch black SLK for the next cup in the career waiting for me.

Looks like that’s a general criticism across the board. 8 from IGN.

The criticism about the car progression is the thing I personally am looking forward to. The ability to use a car for an extended period of time before you try something else gives me nostalgia for the original Grant Turismo games.


Great review! I’m super excited. Just wish they had a physical collector’s edition that included the VIP stuff like they used to. This will be the first time I haven’t purchased the VIP DLC for a Forza game and it feels weird.

Yeah. I totally get why it’s a divisive idea, but I personally really like the idea of building your relationship with an individual car over time rather than just instantly buying all the best upgrades before you’ve even driven it.


After playing for a few hours all I can say is that it really works.

You care more about the car you are driving. You have to be in good terms with the car. You get car points not by winning but by driving well which is genius. Yesterday I spent more time that I would ever have been on a '90 Miata because of that.

Then I started the first regular cup which is on regular hatchbacks and the first track is laguna seca which I really did not know at all. I picked the VW Golf.

Laguna Seca is quite tricky and the Golf is very powerful for a stock car, so I ended up carefully spending my few earned points on the golf just upgrading tyres and anti roll bars, so when I have a mistake while learning the track I can correct more easily.

I would have never done that in a normal car game!

On reddit there are people worried that Turn10 might listen to the feedback because it would be a shame if that gets removed. This system really is only negative for youtubers.

I guess they can always release a fast leveling bonus.


I’m just looking forwards to playing an addictive racing car game with a controller.

Once again the early reactions & narrative gets driven by PC players (& all their usual performance problems) & people with steering wheel setups (often costing hundreds of dollars… or even in excess of $1000 with a seat & buttkicker) who believe they speak for the majority.

I once fell for the hype (I got a DFGT wheel for Gran Turismo 5 on the PS3). It was the worst decision I made in terms of gaming peripherals: it turned driving into a chore, like a full time job I had to study for.

Never again. It’s controller all the way for me now, i.e. launch the game & play. As it should be. No hassle, no set up headache, nothing. Just the game.

It’s funny all the nit picks coming from this and GT7 comparisons while GT7 has had broken online for over a week and I’m not hearing much complaining about that.

Seems they don’t actually play GT7 cause if they did they’d know it has issues right now online and has the last week.

They use GT7 as a straw man against Forza but do not actually play that game.