Review | Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty


Nice review. Watched the premier on YT, didn’t see you in chat?

Definitely buying this further down the line when I have the time. Looks like a great expansion.

I’m playing Starfield and like it like I thought Cyberpunk would have turned out. After I’m done with SF I’ll try Cyberpunk again to see if the new update grabs me like I thought it would.

Only just waking up, was so tired.

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If it wasn’t for bugtastic in the launch, I’ll say CD Projekt still got it.

Eh, I’ll still say it. CD Projekt still got it.

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Very true. I had a great time with it around launch. It was people on potato-hardware or PC whining as usual.


This is just very, very nice!

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Hyped for this!

Great review score and I love seeing other RPG studios giving a shout out to CDPR too. Now Microsoft needs to find a way to bring them in house.


They finally nailed it. It’s still the same game but everything clicks now. The clunky phone and messages, the interface clutter, the overwhelming amount of randomly generated weapons, the pointless progression system, the navigation and busy feeling of everything, all that mess of a game has been fixed for good. Even the performance is fixed. IQ in Raytracing mode on XSX is really good now and I’m enjoying the insane details even at 30 FPS after playing at 60 FPS for all my playthroughs. As I said It’s still the same game but now with all the systems working as intended. I’m going through it again and I can’t wait for Phantom Liberty.


They added a tribute to Ken Block. :cry:

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Started playing last night and wow. Even in the first few missions the set pieces are :exploding_head:

Is the skill tree reset ?

Has the maps navigation completely changed ?

Skill tree is completely overhauled, everything is brand new. Map navigation hasn’t changed.

Finding it hard to not load this up again.