Review | Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden


Great review thanks, and glad to see one on the Series X as it seems to have frame rate issues on the PS5 I was worried about.

Wish it had a demo or was on Game Pass so could try it (as I usually dislike God of War type games) but it sounds the right mix of Greedfall and Tell Me Why / Life is Strange that I’ll be happy to take the risk


Will be getting this tonight although I probably won’t play it anytime soon.


This is their first big game since Tencent obtained a majority share right? It looks right up my street I’ll have to check it out.


Great review as always Jesse. GameFly shipped out my copy today and im very much looking forward to starting it later this week.


Had no idea this was coming so soon already. It’s nice to see them doing good with a game that isn’t like Life is Strange. Twin Mirror is also by them, but that was a miss. Haven’t given Vampyr a real shot still.


Great review, Jesse!

This game looks like it’s right up my alley. Going on the wish list for sure!

They own them now? Eww, well waiting for a sale then.


Tencent has a minority share after investing 30 million euros

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Sorry yes it was a minority - still 42% though. I have no doubt it will be a majority soon enough.

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Ah well that changes things! Thanks.


Nice review, this looks awesome.


Taken the plunge, but now got stupid work - looking forward to playing this later though

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Had no idea about this game at all. Will check it out

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Thank you, @Doncabesa! Had his on my wishlist. I’ll definitely be picking it up!

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No rant about the review, certainly not here because I generally like how you review games.

But Banishers is… like old, very old. Full of invisible walls, with predictable scripts, breakable barrels close to unbreakable one with no reason, arena designed fights with no effort to hide them, GoW style progression and fights without strong points, it just predictable and designed like a low effort formulaic action RPG like we’ve seen all of the eight generation.

What help the game is the writing which is solid, some good characters, but environment looks really old gen with some generic esthetic and the realisation is kinda okayish (it’s hard to forget that this is a UE 4 games, it is written all over it) and after Jusant, it looks really bland. I like the score, Trevor Morris has done great with Dragon Age Inquisition and delivers this time too, but it just feels like a really generic yet competent iteration of Santa Monica’s work with AA budget and a general old gen feel with loads of loading time hiden in some not subtil animations.

I just can’t stand this type of game anymore, and I don’t understand how much praise the game receive, but maybe I’m just not the public. I liked Vampyr back in the day, and I feel like it was a better effort at doing something “special”, which really is not the case here. Too bad, next time, maybe, I’m now waiting for Greedfall II.

Talking of Greedfall (which I really liked) - I honestly didn’t think this game was UE4, I thought it was the Greedfall engine.

Guess it’s maybe their use of UE4 is similar in both games…

Think just like Greedfall, if you want good combat gameplay it’s not going to be that strong - Focus Entertainment games do seem strong on story, less on combat.

Weirdly I’ve got the opposite opinion of it - I don’t like difficult combat but love a good story so I’m in my element, and I’m glad there’s not too many collectibles / paths to things after Starfield’s inventory management made me sick of my usual hoarding.

It’s a bit cheaper than many AAA games today too so I’m probably being kinder to it - and think I’ve been starved of good story games in the last few months :slight_smile:

Greedfall is Silk Engine, in house Spiders, sorry if my message was confusing.

I usually love Spiders Games, I find them way more competent as making A-RPG. I’m a fan of their games since Mars War Logs and my only grip with them was Bound by Flame ^^

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Just to let you guys know, Spiders is owned by Nacon, not Focus Entertainment.

No sorry it was me not clear - just when you mentioned Greedfall it reminded me that’s the closest graphics I’ve seen to this game, to the point I’d thought it was the Silk Engine - I didn’t realise it was UE4.

Yep I’ve loved Greedfall and SteelRising, I guess I’m finding this game a mix of Spiders and the usual Don’t Nod stuff like Tell Me Why and Life is Strange, and at the moment it’s hitting the sweet spot.

Think I’ve been playing so much Starfield, Forza Motorsport and Powerwash Simulator DLC I’ve been itching for a proper story again

Yep from 2019 wasn’t it? SteelRising was published by Nacon but Greedfall was when Spiders were still publishing with Focus