Review | Balatro - A Royal Flush (Score is 10 out of 10)


God damn, that sounds amazing. Straight into the wish list.

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Up there with Slay the Spire? Then I need to try this.

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Not much of a poker guy but this seems pretty cool. Might grab it depending on the price (don’t see it on Steam yet)

I think it’s $15, not 100% sure.

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Sounds like a buy to me then! Thanks, Jesse.

Edit: It is indeed fifteen bucks, but it’s currently 10% off on Steam for $13.50. Full price for Xbox and Switch and I don’t even see it on the PlayStation store.

Second edit: Great site design, PlayStation. Searching for the game name doesn’t work but punching “PlayStation Balatro” into a search engine brought me to the page. Full price too, but there’s a one-hour demo with PS+.

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Just had my first win! Died on ante 10.

Had a Two Pair build that worked nicely. Had the Joker that upgrades it’s multiplier everytime the played hand contains a pair early on so that helped a lot. Also had the x3 multiplier Joker everytime you play a poker hand already used, so I was just spamming two pairs in the end.

Great game!


Card games. They will never, ever, ever be for me. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m not a fan of poker or roguelites, but this is pretty great!


It’s stupidly addictive. And I’ve only won once! :sweat_smile:

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This is very addictive, downloaded it after browsing around the shop and recoiling at over £100 for WWE 2k24 premium version.

Not sure how it happened but suddenly my whole evening disappeared, just one more run might become an often repeated phrase.

This game might end up being my GOTY


Definitely top-3 material for me. Depends a bit on what I’m playing in the rest of the year.

Beat the game with all regular decks now and unlocked challenge mode.

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