Responding to a thread automatically bookmarks the thread to your bookmarks

Here comes part 2 of my original feature request.

As you know part 1 was to have the bookmarks page as your start page and thankfully you did it !!

Now we evolve it further with what is written in the title

It would be a cool thing to have a thread automatically bookmarked if you respond to it.

I use the bookmark to manage the thread I participate in. It is my main page and it would make it easier for me to do it that way. At the moment you have to scroll to the end of a thread to bookmark it. Or there is another way to do it that I do not know.

Thanks in advance!

cc @Predrag @Sikamikanico

An interesting feature for sure!

To clarify, clicking on the bookmark at the end of the topic is the same action as bookmarking the first post. So if you like a thread from the beginning, you can bookmark 1st post and you are good.

But what if you are in the middle of the topic and you like it, so you want to bookmark it? Press F and Bookmark dialog will pop out.

I hope this helps out!

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Okay that should solve it. Thx.

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