Resident Evil Netflix Series cancelled after 1 season

Pour another one out for the video game adaptation graveyard


It wasn’t as bad as the rabid mobs made it out to be.

I hope the fanbase is happy that they have basically killed off all future media adaptations for their beloved franchise. I don’t see other studios wanting to deal with such vocal fanbases going forward.


Maybe they should start adapting the material rather than just taking a title and then inventing completely something different?

Imagine Batman movie about two patients of the clinic where one believes he is Joker while other believes his Bruce Wayne.


I would welcome it into the universe I’m a fan of instead of going full Nero of Rome and burn the entire place down. I’m secure enough in knowing not everything has to be absolutely for me. Attempts at alternative adaptations merely add to the fanbase material. It does not detract from it.

Fanbases need to realize if they want additional content they need to be more welcoming to attempts. A season of only 8 or 10 episodes isnt enough time to get going. You need at least 2 maybe 3 of these mini-seasons to get feedback and to be able to adjust to that feedback. Instead the fanbases strictly operate on the 10 or 0 scale. There is no acceptable middle ground to them.

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Resident Evil feels like one of the easiest things to adapt and every single time they try to do some dumb shit

The only good live action RE in the last 20 years after like 10 different attempts is literally the first movie in 2002

This isn’t complicated, have some folks surrounded in a mansion/enclosed space, have the zombies actually feel like a threat i.e. no super Alice bollocks and have a big boss fight at the end, which was essentially what the first movie was and why it’s been by far the best we’ve got so far, it also had a banging soundtrack which definitely helped


I can imagine getting some laughs in my Batman adaptation

But it would not take itself seriously at and would played for jests. Which is not the case for this adaptation. The whole point of using Resident Evil IP is to bring people who love that IP. Not to bring them and introduce a completely different story. It would also be fine if it expanded the universe somehow or tried to explain some loose ends in the games. But for that at least directors need to be the fans of the games.

I think the second one was also good. At least somehow close to the game. The first one (with Red Queen I guess?) was more horror though.

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That sounds pretty damn good to me actually, they could analyze everything about the batman mythos, and use so many of the settings like Batman ninja, brave and the bold, batman tmnt crossover, gods and monster and such. As they tell a story about 2 people that can’t deal with the harsh reality so escape into a shared power fantasy, I think it would pretty much be sucker punch really.

I’ve yet to watch the show lol, but everyone I know that’s seen it hasn’t been very positive about it so it’s definitely not on my priority list.

I love Netflix don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it feels like the have too much of a focus on quantity vs quality and so they end up cancelling shows that had a lot of potential because not enough care was put into the project.

I really hope this isn’t what happens with the Fallout show to be honest as I love the Fallout universe. Halo was passable as a first season, by the end I was somewhat hype and I c an’t wait to see season 2.

But Netflix really gotta get their shit together seriously. Maybe they could at least put more care on a second season and try to fix whatever needs fixing to bring back the audience.

Well… I mean… Look at the Joker movie. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I give that movie a 0/10 because it has absolutely nothing to do with the Joker (a ruthless criminal mastermind) and it was an abomination of the Batman universe. But people liked it. :man_shrugging:t4: Adherence to the source material had little bearing on the movie’s success.

Respecting the source material is definitely a part of attracting an audience but ultimately (I think) it’s all about quality when it comes to the success of it.

The Sonic movie was fairly successful because it was a decent family movie at the end of the day. It helped that Sonic was transformed back into the recognizable character millions grew up with, that definitely helped attract a large audience on day 1 and so it was an important thing, but if the movie sucked it wouldn’t have had legs or gotten a sequel.

People often cite Sonic as a case of Hollywood “listening to fans” and benefiting from “adhering to the lore” (someone actually said this while cutting up Paramount’s Halo) but they really didn’t adhere to any Sonic lore. This is a brand new Universe that exists outside of SATM, the 2D video games, the 3D video games, and comic books. But it was done at a level of quality that even cynics couldn’t deny was “pretty good”.

I’ll look at the Battlestar Galactica remake and it was done so well that even the most hardened cynics were won over by the first episode (after the miniseries).

If the Halo series had writers and producers on that level, they could have gotten away with a naked Master Chief every episode. I mean like, showing up to mission briefings buck naked. People wouldn’t care because the story and dialogue are so compelling.

I think it’s time for these gaming IPs to understand that there are hardcore fans of their IPs that are successful in Hollywood right now. That, and there are high profile Sci-Fi and fantasy writers out there that should be sought after for these IPs.


Policemen - mansion - biohazard

Why is it so hard to use that concept? You don’t even have to do the same story. It writes itself in terms of what you can do. I don’t get it. Really don’t. Oh well, the series is cancelled. Can’t say I’m happy. I don’t root it to fail but I just can’t wrap my head around on why it’s difficult to use the concept. In fact, can’t we stop being influenced by Resident Evil 6 and more of 1,2, or 7. It’s not hard.

Sometimes with these films/shows based losely on existing media, it feels like the writer/producer has some ideas of a show they’d like to make, they’re given this existing property to make instead, and so try to cram their dream story into it. Who thinks Resident Evil and expects sibling strife and teen angst? It’s been going on since Final Fantasy Spirits Within.

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Highly doubt a vocal minority on Twitter is the reason why Netflix cancelled the show lol.

Netflix is a purely number based company, if it isn’t bringing in the view, they cancel it without thought and move on.


Live resident evil but from all buzz, trailers & things people told me about this show I lost all interest in watching it.

Hopefully in future when companies make a TV/Film adaptation of a gaming IP they do a better job. Seems there’s a lot of gaming shows in the works right now to.