Resident Evil 8 being considered for current gen as confirmed by Capcom

Looks like Dusk Golem rumors actually had some legs and that PS5 version really is not running well.


I know many don’t like the idea of current-gen hardware holding back next-gen, but I honestly don’t recall a single game concept shown so far for next-gen that could not be done on last-gen hardware with slightly worse graphics. In these trying times (COVID-19, recession, etc.) supporting people’s older hardware is important. This is good.


30,000 foot mobile view while prepping for work. Is there any additional info that the PS5 version is throwing a tantrum to be sorted during development, or is this just correlatory with Dusk Golems info?

So Dusk Golem was right again on RE8 being cross gen but not on PS5 struggling?

Its been said that Resident Evil 8 was a current gen game and then they started to dabble with making it next gen only.

Dusk Golem is an excellent source when it comes to Capcom and Resident Evil. He’s rarely if ever wrong. At least in the time I have been following him.

As for RE 8, the game was originally designed for current gen so why Capcom wouldn’t have current gen versions is beyond me especially when losing out on 160m+ user install base between PS4 and Xbox One would be a horrible business decision. Wouldn’t be surprised to see RE 8 slip into 2022.

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He said that with ps5 not running well they had to remove some next gen only features and that enabled the game to be cross gen again.

I think this corroborates his reports very well


Really strange about the PS5 thing, wonder what it is with RE8.

It was sarcastic lol I know


It is indeed very weird. Wonder if it’s an issue with their engine or just their implementation on PS5. Nobody else seems to be having whatever their issue is. I wonder what kinda game mechanic it could even be.

It seems like the RE engine is really scalable, maybe its the reality warping/hallucinations things that are rumored? could be the variable clock speeds they are having trouble with but idk

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