Resident Evil 4 Remake surpasses 7 million copies sold


“Teach me.” -Square


Well deserved. I didn’t think there was a point to remake 4… I was so wrong. It is soooooo good.


Well deserved indeed, a great remake which wasn’t an easy feat for Capcom but they pulled it off and then some. The recent Gold Edition re-release is an amazing overall package well worth the price, Seperate Ways is the best RE expansion by far and worth playing for everyone who liked the main game IMO.

Hopefully RE5 is the next RE engine remake because I need my RE co-op fix! :partying_face:


Same boat lol. Played the game three times last year and kind of want to play it again.

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REmake4 was great. Does anyone know what the last sales announcement for REmake2 was? Thanks.

it’s in the news story, that site lists it all

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Awesome. Thanks Jesse.

The original 4 is my in my top 10 games of all time. I still havnt played this one but I will soon

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