Resident Evil 2 and 3 enhancement patches are up

Gonna drop before the capcom event?

Im redownloading re2 and 3 and theyre both XS enhanced now.


Just tried opening RE 2 on my Series X and it didn’t trigger an update when I opened it and it’s not XS enhanced on mine.

weird. they appear for

Also…anyone watching the capcom event? RE8 third person MODE!!! yes!!!


RE7 is the only one I have. Patch should be coming right?

Trying to force an update on RE2 on Series X and nothing’s happening here.

Not available yet. They said it will be available today. The X|S badge doesn’t mean it’s up.

But there’s only 15 minutes left of today (UK). Better get your skates on, Capcom.

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Looks like it’s officially coming today, but nothing yet on my Series X (shows the XS tag but no patch yet).

I can’t WAIT to play these. I’ve never played a Resident Evil game and I purchased RE 2, RE 3, and RE VII for my Series X for like $23 a couple months ago. Will pick up RE Village afterwards!

So Must have been confusing. I didn’t have ANY of those games installed. I went to “games I own” category and installed them and they had the XS logo so I assumed they were out

I launched them and yeah…they weren’t patched. No graphical options and image still looks 1440p.

It’s okay. The X|S badges have been up early. They also decided to put the badge for AC Origins today. It’s really inconsistent when they do it. It might have to be done manually for these older games I guess.

Should be any minute now at least!

Whoa, for real? I may actually play it now.

Now it’s up. All 3 are updated.

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Not coming till October. I believe it was 10/28 for the “Winters Pack” or if you don’t own it yet, the same day they will release RE Village Gold.


theyre out. Supports Ray Tracing and also a 120FPS mode if your TV supports it