Research | The Ring

My 3rd twist on my 1v1 map series "The Ring". This one is called "Research".

Similar to before, it is meant for 1v1 Slayer only. It does support bots, so you can play around with that, too. I like BR+Snipers with 2 second spawn. Also fun is 3v1 "Bot SWAT" with instant spawns to go for chaining multikills. These are each a spin on the Octagon warm-up map. Where everyone is literally on a level playing field and it's all about momentum.

Research inverts the twist from the last map, with the central orb hovering slightly in the way of the ring. It was an exploration for me of atmosphere and lighting FX more than anything. I wanted to play around with mainly silhouettes of simpler scaled objects and the "beauty real-estate" of the player screen when looking straight up. CE's campaign level Two Betrayals served as inspiration for height scale within a boxed-in environment, as well as the level 343 Guilty Spark. I took some mood inspiration from Close Encounters, and Destiny again.

Geometrically, the shape of "Research" encourages a sine sight-line across the circle most prominently. Whereas on "Tangent", it encourages the tangent sight-line along the circle.

From a top-down view, you can see each of my maps tries to play with the sight-line and player camera like that during the match: