Report: There are almost 3x more games supporting 120fps on SX compared to Ps5

Thought this is interesting. Most of them are old games that were patched, but this shows how the focus on platform from Ms paid off.

With fps boost also being a thing, wouldn’t doubt this list exploding with games that are already 60fps on Xbone as well.


It’s something that MS pushed a lot harder than Sony, so no surprise there.


Ok, but are those games running stable 120 frames or stuttering messes? I’m reading now about how games are stuttering messes on Series X, while running buttery smooth on PS5.

In regards with TV I think all the ones that support 120hz supports VRR, so the framerate would be perfect for them.

If you use monitors though that could be a different story. But I think, save for DMC5 the 120fps modes are almost universally better on SX compared to PS5.

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I replied with a tweet - and 1 hour later, fanboys are fighting over it :sweat_smile::laughing:

This is what i replied

Watch the mess for yourself :crazy_face:


Xbox was always more focused on framerate. We have already seen this last gen with a lot of Xbox games targeting 60fps. I hope 60 is the new baseline since I never want to play 30fps ever again. The blur makes my eyes burn. On another note, I tried black frame insertion with THPS 1+2 and Halo MCC in 120fps mode as DF recommended. It is true that it makes motion even smoother, but to be honest it’s just a touch better and for me personally not that notable. You also lose VRR and get a much darker screen which is not worth it in my opinion. 120fps is already super clean and a punchy HDR and VRR is a better deal for me than a tad less blur.

THPS 1+2 is a stable 120fps on Series X. But yeah most games fluctuate a little. But at framerates this high you barely notice this. Also VRR completely erases any dips until 90fps. So it is absolutely great to play on series x

this is for sure due to the miles ahead BC infrastructure on Xbox compared to PS.

Since Xbox announced backwards compatibility Sony diehards have been clamoring that no one cares about old games.

And you know what the funny thing is? PS4 games are not getting any younger. This is the support for backwards compatibility harvesting its fruits.

Sure, but at lower resolution. :upside_down_face:

I don’t remember Apex Legends being 120fps, at least not yet although I’m pretty sure it’s on the roadmap.

Its cool but I probably won’t be playing games at 120 until late next year