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I’d like the option to see the quote you’re replying to. This makes conversations more interesting to read, as you know what someone is responding to. We now have a reply button, but I’d prefer a Quote button.

You can always mention someone if you want to reply without quoting that person.


Agreed. It’s sometimes hard to notice when a post is replying to a specific one as opposed to being a general one for the thread. Quotes would help immensely.

I am not sure that there is an option to Quote with button, but you can do it by selecting the whole post and then hit Quote, like in the screenshot:

This is also nice if you just want to quote part of the post.

Also, there was a default setting to suppress reply when quoting. So I changed those, maybe it will be cleared who is replying to who.

Replying just to see if something changed :slight_smile:.

Now you can see if someone replied directly to other member.

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That helps, though if possible I’d say the quotes would be the best option. It’s fine if it’s not of course.


Edit: I’d still prefer a button. But I guess this works too.

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The part of Discourse DNA is to focus on flat discussion without threading. I saw a lot of discussions on their forums about it, some good points and some bad.

And I get it, on desktop is easier to make quote, on mobile devices can be tricky.

There are some solutions, but they are not part of the core code and can break often.

So, let’s keep this issue open and see what can be done.

Yes. I did this on mobile. Though a button for some things do make it easier to see. I get their design decision as well

Ok, there is solution I mentioned above:

We can give it a try.

So replying directly to post will automatically quote whole post.

Please test it!



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Yo yo.

Let’s try this.

Yep, that works. Good stuff.

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Yesss…I like this. :slight_smile:

Because I can still do this…

the quoting by highlighting.

and can reply to multiple quotes (though the reply only ones to the last person it seems)

I quite like the highlighting method. It’s very slick. But this is nice too.

Off topic, but is there a system wide “mark all as read” available?

That’s a good call. I can’t seem to find a button for that. @Predrag will know more.

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@KvallyX Hey, you can go to (hamburger) Menu > Unread and when the page opens click on Dismiss.

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