Rented Justice League from Xbox store, no audio

Great start of the evening. Decided to rent the movie in UHD for 6 bucks, nice price. I start the movie, no audio. Since I don’t have any speakers connected I decided to change the audio from Dolby audio 6 channel to AAC 2 channel.

Didn’t do anything. So now I’m stuck with a movie and no sound. Anyone ever had this, and if yes, how can I fix it? Otherwise I’m gonna have to chat with Xbox support I’m afraid, ffs.

I felt sad no one responded to you.

Did you get it sorted?

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Hey, well I think probably nobody knew. I did a Google search and nothing turned up, I think I made a thread on Reddit too, nothing.

It was fixed out of the blue. I did another full reboot, closed every game in QR and then it worked for some reason. The next day I was curious if it still worked and sure enough it didn’t work, so weird. I’m glad I don’t rent or buy movies often from their movie app. It’s so weird how headphones work without any issues.

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Have you tried from W10 to see if the problem is a software bug related to the specific movie or it is a Xbox problem?

Windows 10? Hmm, I would need to check that on my Surface then.

Yeah, the app is the same and your collection is availaible on every device with MS Store.

The only problem is, I can’t watch the movie anymore, it has long expired and during trailers of movies the TV speakers audio worked fine.

Ah, anyway if you buy/rent something else, you migjt try from W10.

Or if you have bought any titles from movies anywhere, join your Microsoft movies and TV account to that, and then you would be able to test playing in windows / xbox.

I buy a lot of movies / some TV seasons through the Microsoft website / from rewards site, and haven’t really seen issues watching anywhere. A few times (not frequently) it would not play and said I had network issues, but a reboot seemed to fix that. The nice thing with movies anywhere is if you find a better price on it somewhere else you have an account that you also link (prime, vudu, fandango now, etc), so long as the title was from a studio that supports movies anywhere you can basically build a library that you can play from any of the services. Vudu sometimes has better sales of stuff (though again you have to make sure it’s supported content), but I always watch using the Microsoft player.

Unfortunately, Movies Anywhere is US only. :frowning:

Oh weird. I hate how fragmented things are across the world.

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