'REMNANT II' Gets Crossplay in Today's Update, "Aberration Domination" Event Returns

Originally published at: 'REMNANT II' Gets Crossplay in Today's Update, "Aberration Domination" Event Returns - XboxEra

Developer Gunfire Games and publisher Gearbox Publishing have announced today that their third-person action title ‘REMNANT II’ will receive crossplay support across PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series consoles. More content is on the way as well, including the game’s second DLC.

“Crossplay has been one of the most player-requested features for REMNANT II, and our community has been so awesome waiting patiently for this feature to roll out, we’re so excited to launch this update today as the team has been working hard to make it a reality. There’s even more REMNANT II content to come, including the second DLC!”

David Adams, President of Gunfire Games and REMNANT II Game Director.

Last but not least, last October’s in-game event, “Aberration Domination”, is coming back from today to the 5th of March. Players will discover hordes of menacing Aberrations have spawned across all worlds. Players who defeat these sinister foes can collect elusive Corrupted Shards and use these shards to craft new corrupted weapons. This limited time event brings five new corrupted versions of the following weapons: Savior, Twisted Arbalest, Sorrow, Cube Gun, and Nebula.

Remnant II and Remnant: From the Ashes are currently available on Xbox Game Pass. Slow connection and hesitant to download? Check out our review of the game here and decide for yourself.