REMINDER!: Octopath Traveler coming to Xbox GamePass tomorrow. Debut Xbox Trailer

Comes out tomorrow. Or tonight maybe not checked.

I only played about 6 hours on switch years ago. Great game and very old style. Thr story wasn’t great but the music and gsmeplay was cool.


Already downloaded for me.

Also on sale for $41.99 USD for Game Pass members it seems.

Expensive but I’m honestly probably going to buy it anyway.


That is expensive but will go on sale no doubt during the summer. Play on GP and then buy down the road.

The Switch version is still 50-60. 60 on the digital store.

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I think it’s 50% off on Steam right now for $29.99 so it will definitely go on some good sales for Xbox in the future.

Either way Its disappointing theres no physical version. I own Physical copy of DQXI on Xbox. Surprised SE did it but i bought it at 40 bucks and don’t regret it.

Unless Octopath is less than 20 digital i’m fine with playing it on GP. If they put out a physical copy I’d buy it asap for Xbox.

I wish I had money to buy this. Love the art style.

It’s live now

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Holy shit the 60fps is Unreal. Runs so much smoother than switch.


Already got it downloaded!

I downloaded it. I won’t get to it until i finish Yakuza 6 but I’m excited.

Tried for a bit and the first impression is REALLY good. Almost made me want to drop DQ11 because it seemed way more interesting…


It’s also for non Game Pass members. 30% off. Wasn’t expecting them to put it on sale right away, tempted to buy it even though it’s on GP.

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Fantastic game! Everyone support it.

Same, downloaded to show there is an interest too.

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This game is so good. Try it people ! It really mixes well old-school JRPG style and more modern mechanics. Combats are fun and strategic. And yes, the game is gorgeous ! I just dropped everything to play this game. Thanks Game pass…

Can we make this thread an OT ? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Its an old game. They should have done this with ff 10-12 and th3 KH games. Now those were not on gamepass at launch but they were full price. Which is ludicrous.

Octo being on sale is a good thing. Gamepass aside it will get people to bite and purchase it.

And the regular sale is lower than GP sale but tbf the regular sale is temporary for like a week. I think it’s best to just play it on gamepass and then buy it when it has an even bigger deal a few months down the line.

Or better yet…they release a physical copy. I doubt it.

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Yeah it was so weird when they didn’t do that with the FF and KH remasters. They didn’t do that with Nier Automata either but tbf that was a year old.

I’m still debating whether to buy it or not lol knowing me I’ll probably cave in last minute.

Don’t think we will get a physical copy unfortunately, oh well I’m not too bothered. Square seem to be picky with physical copies on Xbox lately since the FF remasters (only North America had them).

I would purchase a physical copy of Yakuza 0 on Xbox. Easily. I bought the physical copy of DQXI for Xbox.

If FF7R comes to xbox…i really hope theres physical.

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Same here I’d buy any physical copy of Yakuza for Xbox, I already have Like a Dragon physically. Would definitely do the same for FF7R.

There was a physical copy for Dragon Quest XI? I never knew that.

Went ahead and tried it out for the hell of it, and 3.5 hours later I had to force myself to take a break so I could go to sleep. I’m enjoying it quite a bit.

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