Remember those Bungie Acquisition Rumours? We think they're real. - XboxEra


Interesting read. No idea what to make of it though, so I look forward to updates. GG XboxEra sleuths. :smile:

So Bungie will be acquired, it’s just a matter of it being announced at this point lol

Since Destiny would obviously not be pulled from Playstation or Stadia, we’d have to deal with podcasts saying, “SEE! Multiplatform! Xbox games are all gonna be multiplatform!” for awhile.


it all makes sense dot gif :slight_smile:

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Interesting. I’d be surprised if Microsoft bought Bungie, but I did notice that the tweet exchange is specifically Nibel saying they’ve had discussions, but they fell apart due to Bungie’s price being too high and Pete Parsons replying that that is false. Is he saying that it’s false that they had discussions or it’s false that they fell apart due Bungie’s asking price?

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After Bethesda, I don’t see how any price Bungie could propose could be too high.


I honestly think NetEase got em but am happy to be proven wrong. This would make for a swell homecoming.

Also, look at the FPS studios now. I know attention is rightfully placed on MS’s investment in WRPGs but:

  • 343i

  • Id (Texas and Germany)

  • Machinegames

  • Arkane (Austin and Lyon)

  • Roundhouse Studios (formerly Human Head, developers of Prey and founded by devs of Hexen and Heretic)

  • Rare (once upon a time)

And now potentially Bungie.

Hot damn!

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Welcome back Bungie! Lol. Just in case.


Wouldn’t that ‘agent for service of process’ be Microsoft as they own a percent of Bungie when they separated? Also, there is NetEase and their investment in the company (2018) authorised them a seat on the board.

The rumor from the Xbox Two Podcast Bungie wanted 2 Billion. As much as I love Destiny that too much for them and you will need to find 2 additional support studios to help build Destiny.

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Id think this acquisition from a certain pov would be mega weird particularly for Halo. This would put a lot of unnecessary pressure on 343 but it is what it is and how Microsoft handles the Related IP.

Lets stay calm and not jump to conclusions.


Uh… that’s not what the agent of Corporation Service Company does.

Is someone acquiring Sony?

Corporation Service Company offers a wide range of service TO the company, in this case Bungie. This kind of agent is very common in many companies.

Incidentally, Corporation Service Company is not a title or a definition, it’s literally a company. Here’s a summary of the services they offer.


I think he was saying was false to was that talks have fell apart.

Question : is Bungie among the two studios apparently acquired by MS, or beyond that ? ( IF there is anything going on with Bungie )

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Microsoft buying Sony confirmed


Where there is smoke…

The Zenimax deal which was 7.5 billion dollars which 2 billion of that has been recouped since Microsoft generates a billion in cash flow each week, another two billion will not hurt.

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I bet it’s going to be Tencent

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