Remedy Universe Alan Wake is back!

OR BOY IS BACK and with him a perspective into the future of Remedy!

During the state of play the second DLC for Control got revealed and with him the comeback of some well known writer…


From a blog post on Playstation we got some exciting news that will fundamentally effect the future of Remedy games.

Now let me hear your wildest theories what will happen in the coming games…

For me I can’t express how excited I’m really are! We waited so long for a revival of Wake and now he finally really awakes (sorry)

Ohh some sidenotes this xbox tweet gave me chills:

Is the performance on xbox one x still falling below 30fps?

In rare occasions with a lot enemy’s and destruction on display. This game is taxing on the old/current consoles.

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Just brought the season pass looks like I’ll wait until series x to jump back in

Ohh if I could… but I rather replay Alan Wake first and jump straight into the DLC after!

“I searched the whole house but it was nowhere. Then I went to the bathroom to look for it, and saw myself in the mirror: my face was covered with inky smoke as well! And that’s when I woke up. When I think back about the dream, it didn’t say “FBI” on his badge; it said “AWE””.

This is a post made by “Samantha”, in her blog “This House Of Dreams”, 2012.

There’s a lot more here:

(This was some kinda of ARG made by Sam Lake, so yeah, pretty much Official)

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