Redfall - Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2021 - Official Announce Trailer | open world co-op shooter from Arkane Studios

I feel like this is going to be one of those games that when we see the game in motion we’ll be confused as to why they showed the game the way they did today.


Honestly we need to see gameplay to make a proper judgement, CGI trailers for new IPs don’t explain anything outside setting (vampires vs humans, coop open world shooter) and tone (less serious than Dishonored and Pray, in line with Deathloop).

I agree. I think we actually see gameplay this year, considering this is a summer game. Perhaps Gamescom, Game Awards, or X021. Either one works.

I was disappointed initially, but that’s because I imagined this to be something else. On a second viewing, this could be really cool. I like the Borderlands vibe.

Do you think we’ll have a X021 with COVID still a thing in many regions of the world? I don’t know, we’ll see.

It depends mainly if it’s 2022 or 2023, we have no clue, if it’s 2023 we won’t see it again this year.

Didn’t you see? It’s releasing Summer 2022, literally in the reveal. Not sure if X021 will be a thing but Xbox could really use a second main show with the games they’ve got in the pipeline.


They could have it in a civilized country like New Zeeland, do they even have COVID?

Ops, I completely missed the release window, my bad.

Being a summer game, it could be showed at TGA, we still don’t know if Xbox will ever resurrect Inside Xbox (otherwise Xbox shows in the first half of the year are not a thing) and showing in June for an immediate release without any other prior detail outside a cgi reveal wouldn’t be a great strategy.

There is also Gamescom, they have still several 2021 confirmed gamea MIA at E3 (Scorn, Hello Neighbour 2 and The Gunk).

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I don’t know, MS is so social focused that I don’t think they would risk any type of backslash again the “evil american corp which doesn’t give a shit about people dying”, you know.

Yeah, I think its too soon. Ah well, maybe it’s time for Xbox to bring Inside Xbox back…

There is so much to show on all fronts.

As I said, they could easily fill up spots at Gamescom and TGA, which have a very big audience and it’s always good to have a strong presence on multiplatform shows, like last year TGA.

But I hate TGA :frowning:

However it’s good exposure I suppose.

If Sony won’t do a proper showcase conference, at Gamescom and TGA we could have 2 opposite exclusives from Arkane, who knows, it would be amusing. Only one it’s timed. XD

I think they need a stronger Gamescom.presence, outside Gears 5 in 2019 in the last years their Gamescom support has been lame and minimal.

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Yeah, Gamescom is important for Europe especially. Hope it’s in person next year.

I was lucky and I went there in 2019 when they had a big presence during the opening night and one of the best wards of all Gamescom.

If they show the missing indie exclusives for this year (The Gunk, Hello Neighbour 2 and Scorn) plus even one XGS game it would be very good.

We’ll have to meet up next time :wink:

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I think this may be like boarderlands where you are updating your gear. Maybe it has big skill trees per character as well with a lot of variety.I wasn’t big on the graphical style but Im still interested. Also do we know if its first or third person? Im assuming first

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if this is comming summer 2022 I imagine we will see more of it soon. maybe gamescom. Game awards? Deathloop has had a lot of coverage since announced.

Best bit of the whole show :smiley:

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