Redfall - Official Into the Night Trailer


Can’t wait for this game!


Can’t wait for this game. Getting a huge vibe of Sunset Overdrive. Just by seeing those hold out factions from the humans. This game is gonna be hella fun in co-op. Just hope it’s not only 3-player co-op.

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The singleplayer looks very immersive and good, it’s almost like a completely different game. I like it!

Think I’m bumping this up on the hype scale. From a 4/10 to a 6-7 atm.

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I’m quite curious about the level design. The E3 trailer showed some normal everyday locations but warped, like as if done by the vampires or something, really digged that bit.

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Yeah I suspect when you remove the cringe from the trailers and play alone this game will be something else.

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Looks great. Unlike the majority here, im more hyped for Redfall than I am Starfield. Hoping for a late February/early March release but im expecting May.

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Right there. Really really excited for RedFall

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I often agree with you, but with this…


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Haha. I’m an Arkane fan but have never been a Bethesda Game Studios fan. Only played Fallout 4 for a few hours years ago and no thanks. Starfield will be the first Bethesda Game Studios game that I go in with day one. I like sci-fi but there’s a lot more that I have seen in Redfall that simply appeals to me more than what I have seen in Starfield.

I’m at the point in regards to open world games that im getting that open world fatigue. When I see Starfield and they say over 1000 planets, yeah, im not doing that. I know you don’t have to but it’s like, why? Are they trying to surpass Ubisoft? lmao

Also, im not into the base building or ship building. Just let me buy a ship, buy a few upgrades and fly into space and blow up some other spaceships. For me, with Starfield, im most likely just going to go through the main story quests and that’s it unless the game pulls me into the world and everything. Where as with Redfall, im all in 100%.

But we’ll see. Who knows. A year from now, I could be telling you that Starfield is my 2023 game of the year. It’s all a wait and see but as of right now, im simply more hyped for Redfall as pretty much everything appeals to me where as with Starfield, that’s simply not the case.

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Hopefully this means Microsoft is getting ready to advertise a release date and show off some gameplay.

Currently I think what Redfall needs us some single player footage to show off how the Arkane formula works to people that don’t usually play their games. With a secondary video uploaded at the sane time that shows the same sequence in co-op, to give everyone a good idea of how that will work.