Receive a warning if the same link has been posted outside the topic


I have a suggestion that I think could make some sense to reduce spam, or when people share the same links in other topics.

Currently, we receive a warning if we try to share the same link on a topic where it has already been posted, like this:

I think it would also make sense to receive a similar warning if we are posting a link which has been already shared, but on another topic. This could prevent people from sharing the same links on the multiple general threads there are (Community Hangout, Xbox Studios, E3 thread) and sometimes funneling the conversation on all different threads to the same hot topic.

I do know it is possible to search the link to see if it has been posted, although maybe not everyone knows that. And of course this wouldn’t mean the person is unable to share the link, just that they are warned the content they intend to share is already present in the conversation somewhere.

Let me know what you think.


I like the idea. It’s something I’ve noticed a lot too.

I think you do get this warning. I tried copying the same link on two different threads recently, and received a warning there.

I tested this just now. I copied a link from the Game Pass OT, and pasted on the Community Hangout OT, and nothing came up.


For science!


Yeah - not working. I copied it onto the other thread you had created and - - nothing. No warnings.

I think something has changed, because I used to get a warning.