Reality Check: Covid 19 relief details for India - Oxygen / Beds / remdesivir / vax - the works


Although, this forum is meant for fun and games, it will be hard to ignore what is happening in India for me and some of my fellow countrymen/countrywomen here.

There is a double/triple mutant variant of the fast spreading strain found in UK that is wreaking havoc. All worldwide vaccine supplies have been monopolized to go to US (or Europe) . The worst kind of timed exclusivity. (Ref: See Vox’s report on this). So, even that has stopped. Emergency ventilators, ICUs, beds are overbooked with emergency patients.

On May the 1st, 400,000 fresh new cases were registered. And this is only the urban population, btw. The good part so far is that spreading to rural areas has been avoided. (‘good’ is only relative)

We have been trying to zone out all negativity to still contribute and comment on Xboxera, but hopefully this thread can contribute in terms of assisting in terms of relief.

I’ll post the details that I have, and hopefully some of you can do the same. Watch out for scamsters, and only share details that you and your friends recognize as being valid.


(from my classmates whatsapp group)

Verified Oxygen Resources for Covid - Pan India :india: Hope this helps🤞

:arrow_forward: Delhi ~ 1). Arvind Jain - 9315686858 2). Mohd Umair - 9990257447

:arrow_forward: Lucknow ~ 1). Star Gas Agency - 9621942015 2). Awadh Oxygen - 7947274221 3). Murari Oxygen - 7947353362

:arrow_forward: Bhopal ~ 1). OP Singh (BHEL) - 9425604924

:arrow_forward: Durg/Bhilai ~ 1). Atul (Gurudwara) - 7884036141 2). Sudhir Tiwari - 8878210058 3). Vikas Kumar - 8234025168

:arrow_forward: Bangalore ~ 1). Manoj - 9892356727

:arrow_forward: Pune ~ 1). Santosh Ghosale - 9850999798 2). Ashok Khatri - 9422301953 3). Sudhir More - 9890041708

:arrow_forward: Hyderabad ~ 1). Hyderabad Oxygen - 7207278701 2). Faaz Oxygen - 9989462127 3). Asian Surgicals - 8639790969

:arrow_forward: Bihar ~ 1). OP Singh - 9334352086

:arrow_forward: Indore ~ 1). Sukhmani Foundation - 7648842300

:arrow_forward: Ahmedabad ~ 1). Bhavin Shastri - 9974038849 2). Narendra Bhai - 9913294767 3). Vishal Kapadia - 9722272719

:arrow_forward: Raipur ~ 1). Raipur Machinery - 9329651553 2). Punjabi Sanathan Sabha - 9300227000

:arrow_forward: Nagpur ~ 1). Bhavesh Budhadeo - 9028791515 2). Megha Budhadeo - 7276262264

:arrow_forward: Jaipur ~ 1). Anand Gases - 7971389338 2). Mahalaxmi Gases - 8068970640 3). Amera Ent - 9414073192

:arrow_forward: Kolkata ~ 1). Aryan Oxygen - 9007427926 2). Sujata Dutta - 8420004004 3). Fyrax India - 9836565064


Ministry of Health and Family Welfare - meta site

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What’s happening in India is terrifying. I have multiple clients across India, and hearing some of whats going on from them directly was eye opening to say the least.

Are there any charities or organisations we can donate to if we want to help?

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The issue is not really money, but supplies and avenues for either immediate treatment or immediate medicinal supplies.
I will do what I can to share more details here and charities too, if possible.

The challenge is to tackle this massive spike, so that the rural sections now don’t get into this bad state. Otherwise, 400k fresh cases would be dwarfed in no time.

The best source might be to check with your home countries and organizations in your country about how they are sending supplies to India. I think the UK is sending something. I am not sure of the details yet.

I did find something for the UK in Oxfam. I am not aware of its credibility or history, but please do check it out:

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Oxfam is a credible charity in the UK. They used to have many charity shops all over London and are one of the most known charities in the UK,

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Thanks for sharing this.

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NGOs providing relief in India - if you can support one of these right now, then look for the ones providing immediate relief.