Rare will be showing their 2022 plans for Sea of Thieves in a special Preview Event Thursday January 27th

Originally published at: https://xboxera.com/2022/01/24/rare-will-be-showing-their-2022-plans-for-sea-of-thieves-in-a-special-preview-event-thursday-january-27th/

Today Rare announced a Preview Event for Sea of Thieves in which they’ll reveal the upcoming content for Sea of Thieves. Besides that, they’ll also give a glimpse of what to expect during the rest of 2022.

Multiple Rare employees have said 2022 could become the biggest year yet for this multiplayer shared world pirate adventure. The game released back in 2018, but has gained quite a following since then. Back in October Rare revealed over 25 million players had played the game.

The Sea of Thieves 2022 Preview Event will be live on YouTube at 10 AM PT, 1PM ET, 6PM GMT and 7PM CET.


Wonder what this is.


If they could just give us PvE-servers or something I would love to get back into it. I’d have 20 crews willing to join in a heartbeat.


I dont wanna turn this thread into the age old PvE debate but same. I love playing just its hard to get a group of my friends to play when theres a very real chance that your whole session ends up being worthless because you got dunked on by a crew where each of them has 2k hours in the game



Maybe a new faction ?

Haha, I hear you. But it is relevant as it is something I would like to see be announced for 2022 :wink:


Rare will be showing their 2022 plans for-

Everwild? Pls be Everwild, wanna see that, been a while

-Sea of Thieves

:sleeping: :sob:

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I don’t want to see anything from Everwild till they are close to launch.


Fell off from Sea of Thieves following A Pirates Life, which I thought was very “meh”. Hope they bring out some things to bring a lapsed Pirate Legend back!


Read my review, then tell me I’m wrong.

You are wrong :smiley:

Seriously though, I would say everyone react differently. I loved it, so it was the only time I disagreed with an XboxEra review, but I know not everyone loved it as well. Although the fact you had a break between the tails may have also been one of the reasons as to why you felt out of it.


I fell off slightly before :sweat_smile: my friends stopped playing and to be honest that was the only way I put hours into the game. Really need to get the group back together.

My crew is still around ^^

Im excited still sinking hours into the game… pun intended

Well played, and yeah I acknowledged the very real “different strokes for different folks” of the game, but I stand by the criticisms I made. There was very very little actually new stuff. It was recycled bits with a different skin.

Then we will have to agree to disagree, which is fine. I have a good feeling for 2022.


I’m sure this isn’t a new thought but I was talking about it at work today, they actually might already do this in a way but it would be cool to set up private servers that people can send invites to let people in and you could build your own pirate fort on an island and horde treasure and your friends could either work with you to build up an island or try to take your things while you are gone. I know that’s new to games. Games like Rust and Day Z already do this I’m pretty sure but it would be a good fit for Sea of Thieves imo.

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Live now!