Rare has revealed the 2022 content map & is closing down PvP mode Arena

I’m talking about splitting PvP and PvE-servers, I thought you were as well?

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I had a bit of both so far, but I like that you don’t know what to expect from each encounters.

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Yep, exactly. Even when I’m just soloing PvE stuff, it’s the underlying threat that someone’s around to pirate your stuff that makes it exciting. I can’t imagine how boring taking that away would be.

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No, I’m 100% against that idea.

I always thought SoT was built around PvPvE from the get go, to create emerging experiences that you wouldn’t have just with PvP, or just with PvE.

Yes, and that is what I responded to. Why are you then saying :

as if that was what I was talking about?

Maybe I misunderstood you. I thought you were talking about Arena PvPers somehow massively increasing the amount of spicy players in the Adventure mode now it’s closing.

Ah yes you did, that explains it. No, I don’t think that will have any impact at all on the regular servers. :+1:

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Ah sorry, yeah I did.

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arena was not what people wanted. Rare could not put enough investment in it because the core playerbase likes the nature of the pvpve world. That is a key element and they will now eleborate on this with world changing live events and comunity driven events.

You are doing “educated” guesses that all of sea of thieves is a toxic community only playing it because they can attack other players that dont want to fight which could not be further from the truth. What makes sea of thieves is that every encounter is differnet and in different situations.

Arena was a boring treasure hunt with no punishment. Arena did not have a deathmatch mode. Basiclly all of arena was capture the flag with multiple teams and not fun to practicly all of the players.

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I do prefer developers to focus on something that works or more cater to the fans than something that doesn’t. Like with Doom Eternal skipping multiplayer time and add more for single player focus content. Or with Fallout 76 to focus on others rather than trend chasing battle royal.

I agree Arena was boring and not really working.

I know there are some players who truly embrace the PvPvE-nature of the game, but in my experience there are a lot more assholes. At least judging from all the google translated mocking hate messages in a multitude of languages I’ve gotten over the years :wink:

It’s also a fact that it is enough of an issue that I have 20-30 people around me who have quit due to said interactions. That is what I’m basing my opinion on.

This might be true but it could also be the 20-30 players on my servers have started with the game for this reason. And the small amount of people that play one of the most popular xbox game on the market.

In my experience a lot of people go knowingly into a PvPvE game, get sunk and think that’s “toxic”. Yeah there are bad actors, but even the ones who are more up for a fight are generally better natured than most other games.

I’ve had way more people realise I’m not up for a fight, so repair my ship, give me a chest and wave me off than I’ve had people spawn camp, for example.

We could argue that back and forth but what would it hurt to have PvE-servers? The ones who want PvPvE would stay on those servers, and they should be a lot of people according to you, so what is then the problem?


The game thrives on a balance of people who don’t fight and those that do. Those passive players dilute the experience making it more measured for most people.

PvE servers would do a couple of things. First, while it might pull in a few people it would take out those people on the edge from adventure, creating an imbalance in standard Adventure. Second, it would probably then take those players out of the game entirely when they ultimately realise how boring a pure PvE SoT actually is.

Something like the new player driven quest stroy quest would not work.The developer intruduce quest driven by community engagement and depending on that it will change the outcome. this probably would not work on a pve server. Besides we have no idea what pve server would do to pvpve server as basiclly those serves WILL turn into a pvp like experience. Which is far away from what is intended. For both sides there are pro and contra. Fact is this will change how we play sea of thieves in general.

The dynamic of player engagement will change drasticlly

There are those too of course, that is not what I’m referring to as assholes. It’s the ones camping and ruining my nephews Tall Tale, whilst sending obscene messages and shouting profanities for an hour or so as an example. That kind of fun people.

I played EVE Online for over 10 years so I’m used to this shit, many others are not lol. I have been around enough PvP-players to know the mindset of gankers, and gankers are plentiful in SoT. :wink:

What balance are you referring too though? Of gank-targets?

I would use PvE-servers for Tall Tales, fishing expeditions, playing solo or doing other things. I would still go on PvP-servers when I wanted to fight.