RAND al Thor 19: Xbox 2021 rumors

This Is a cool video on what we could expect from xbozt for 2021.

It seems related to “10 biggest Xbox rumors”.

I know this Channel Is quite legit: Jez Corden often joins to the Channel for some good conversation.

Watched it yesterday. Good video. He pretty much says what I posted a few days ago in relation to that blogpost on that site for the 10 rumors. Only difference is that with Obsidian, I said 3 projects at most where as Rand believes it could be 6 - Avowed which is by far the biggest, TOW DLC, TOW 2, Grounded and two small projects.


You should consider that 6 projects could include pre-productions.


It does. I didn’t take into account the DLC for TOW, Grounded or one of the two small projects. I looked at it as Avowed, TOW 2 and that small project that’s supposed to be non-violent or something. I was off by one which would be that second small project. I didn’t count TOW DLC or Grounded because those games are out already and we know about the second expansion for TOW and that Grounded is a live service game.

I think it is better to rename the thread to “rumours” instead of “leaks”.

Rand is not leaking anything. He is commenting on the 10 rumours that have been floating around this week. And Rand says that most of them is probably not happening.

This is Jez’ comment about those rumours:

But something is true. The right questione would be: what is true? Ahaha

I mean, like Jez said, those rumours are a mix of wishful thinking with things that aren’t new.

We already know about 4 projects from Obsidian, and it is safe to think they have at least two more planned (New Vegas 2!). We also already know that xCloud is coming to iOS in 2021, and Phil also mentioned his intent of bringing the service to TVs in the next 12 months. We also know that Inxile’s next project is an AAA Sci-fi RPG. We know that a new Forza and Wolfenstein are in the works.

Mix those already known things to some wishful thinking that have been floating around lately, like Ubisoft games coming to Game Pass and Microsoft acquiring Sega, and we have this list.

@RandalThor19 isn’t reliable

Spreads fake rumours


Rand AL Thor has little to no knowledge of what actually is happening inside Xbox. All his videos are purely reaction based mixed with his own thoughts.

I’m actually amazed he has that many subscribers, I have better things to do with my time than listen to a dude sitting at home with an opinion.

Don’t be so sure about that


Rand is one of the better Xbox “insiders”. He’s right way more than he’s wrong. Best of all, he has a higher accuracy percentage for PlayStation info than all those so called PlayStation insiders after he predicted Horizon Zero Dawn going on PC.

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That sounds like he is just copying the random, totally unsourced rumors from the other day.

Rand was asked about the rumors and he decided to make a video about it and went through it all. Everything he said, he already said on his podcasts with Jez or in previous videos. None of it was a surprise. I was off on one thing but that was it. I already knew all the answers because he’s said it before as has TimDog/Dealer/Colt, etc. If anything, that blog site is basically taking rumors/info from others and making articles about them.

I am sure of it, I know he gets some knowledge from Greenberg and co but nothing substantial. Just high high details that don’t really break anything. For example, Tim dog will know if an article form Phil Spencer is coming out but won’t know the actual details of it.

Is this the guy on your podcast who explicitly stated he wasn’t an insider of any kind or am I thinking of someone else

Randalthor knows something about Xbox

I think it’s good to step back and look on this with some perspective, Xbox is getting some major awesome stuff in 2021, Series X is great hardware, Bethesda deal is closing early this year, lots of the 3rd party exclusives are hitting soon, 1st party is going to start pumping out titles, many Devs are rumored to be acquired, Ubi play might hit gamepass.

The future of Xbox is better then it has ever been in the Xbox’s 20 year history, literally the sky is the limit and as Xbox fans even if half these rumors prove false we are still in for an amazing year and a great start to this gen.

After almost 2 months with the Series X I’ve been playing a ton of games and they all look and run great.


Rand the: “Im not a insider” insider :eyes: