Rainbow Six Extraction coming Day One to Game Pass


Was never going to buy this game but for a $10 monthly rental, I may give it a shot.


Yupp going to play this day 1 now, had no intentions originally

Honestly forgot this game existed. If it doesn’t look too bad at launch then it won’t hurt to try

Gonna be honest. This game also needed it.


On one hand, a major game coming to GP day one is always a good thing… On the other hand… Tom Clancy + Aliens = :face_vomiting:


Yeah exactly my thought. I don’t care about Tom Clancy, but that game using his name doesn’t make any sense…

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Another perfect-for-Game-Pass-game!



It once again shows you that these type of deals can happen quite late and why I do anticipate more deals like this since Xbox doesn’t have anything from first party for the first 6 months.

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Eh still in wait and see mode cause as @Mort said this is like another perfect game for the service kinda one. $40 Budget entry, another co-op horde shooter, drops in 2 weeks and has 0 hype around it and Siege is the big draw over this.


wow, Ubisoft are now launching AAA games on gamepass day one, who was that guy who said we’d never see 3rd parties do that?

when is the next assassins creed out? will probably launch on gamepass.

relax homie it’s $40 game, it’s not even AAA Game. the entire month pretty much dry of AAA games


Yeah, big games or games from big publishers like Ubisoft would be announced approximately two weeks prior to release. Extraction releases on the 20th and was announced on the 5th so basically 15 days before.

Extraction could have announced for gamepass right when they revealed gameplay for it and I think most people would have cared for it just as much as they do right now. Honestly these 4 player co-op Horde shooters lookin uninspired to me these days, the enemy designs lack personality unlike say how Halo’s enemies just ooze it at every instance.

Even suicide squad’s actual gameplay that they showed in small snippets of the trailer I was just sitting through like really, went from Arkham games to this? :confused:

It feels like I’ve seen this enemy in every other game now. :joy::sleepy: