Rainbow Six Extraction and Riders Republic have been delayed

Originally published at: https://xboxera.com/2021/07/16/rainbow-six-extraction-and-riders-republic-have-been-delayed/

During the past year we have grown used to game delays, and yet somehow Ubisoft found a way to surprise us: only a month after sharing their release dates durings its Ubisoft Forward event, the publisher has delayed both Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction and Riders Republic.

Originally scheduled for a February 25 release, Riders Republic was already delayed earlier this year to an undefined date — until last month, when Ubisoft announced the game would be releasing on September 2nd. But now it has been delayed once again, this time until October 28.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Extraction, on the other hand, was originally announced during E3 2019 under the name ‘Quarantine’, but earlier this year Ubisoft confirmed that it would be renamed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. During its Ubisoft Forward event the publisher had confirmed the game would be released on September 16, but it has now been delayed until January 2022.


This is so last minute.

I wonder if Far Cry 6 gets delayed as well.

Riders Republic releasing on the same week as Guardians of the Galaxy and a week before Forza Horizon 5 seems suicidal, especially when we think the game was at a pretty safe spot on that early-September date. I can almost hear Mike Rose laughing at his place.

On the other hand, Rainbow Six needed the delay. Too many FPS juggernauts coming out this holiday, and Ubisoft still has R6 Siege going on strong.

am not surprised first off the world is still dealing with covid and no other company wants to go down the route of cyberpunk and realise to early with a unfinished poor game am all for the delays as long as we get a finished polished game at the end of it

And this is why they didn’t give Halo a date, if they had to move it a month later or something like that it would be viewed as yet another delay for Halo then you would get headlines like is Halo really in trouble and how worried should we be.

Companies don’t bloody announce your games unless you have a almost solid concrete date, if there is any doubt just give us a window.



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It still doesn’t have a date, because of Call of Duty. We don’t when exactly it’ll launch. Microsoft wants to fit Halo Infinite as good as possible.

Probably and hopefully they wouldn’t want to have similar/the same situation like it was with Titanfall 2, unfortunately.

  • October 21st ⇨ Battlefield 1
  • October 28th ⇨ Titanfall 2
  • November 6th ⇨ Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

That was ridiculously stupid. Especially that IW had one of the worst multiplayer.

I know you have a popular opinion about cyberpunk that most gamers agree with because they think Cyberpunk is bad, but I just want to push back on your statement and say I disagree. Cyberpunk was the best game last year. Did I want it to be better? Sure. Even still it was the best game of the year. I wish gamers would stop so casually calling it bad. It was great! Not perfect but great none the less.

Anyway I think Xbox is going to be the center of attention this Christmas with all these delays clearing the way for a bigger spotlight on Forza Horizon and Halo. What a time to be an Xbox gamer :sunglasses:

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I never said the game was bad I said it was poor the game on realise was full of clitches and bugs and if it means we have to wait a bit longer for a more polished game am all for developers delaying games. I played through cyberpunk and love the story and the missions was it perfect not by a long way was it a good concept yes it was am i going to play it again when the series x patch is realised dam right I am. credit to the developers of cyberpunk for now going back and sorting these problems out and we will get a finished polished game at the end of it.

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Riders Republic is going to get brutally murdered by Forza but okay.

While im still waiting on the current generation upgrade for Cyberpunk 2077, my friend played it on PS5 to completion and rated it a 9.5/10 as he’s a huge Cyberpunk fan but also said that even if he doesn’t play favorites, that it’s still at least an 8/10 which for a bad glitchy always crashing game, that’s better than like 75% of games out there and even more so considering the scope and scale of Cyberpunk’s open world.

It was #1 best selling PS4 game on the PSN Store for June. Can’t be that bad. lol. CDPR will be just fine. Unlike the EA’s, Activision’s, Tate Two’s, Ubisoft’s, etc. of the world, releasing a single game that wasn’t ready isn’t going to break them at all. Once the free DLC, The Witcher 3 upgrade, Cyber upgrade and the expansions next year get released, it will be as if those bad scores never happened. CDPR as a development studio is just too damn great and will make people forget all about management’s fuck up.

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Yep well said it still sells out even after all the backlash that’s a testament to how good after all the rubble and bugs cyberpunk2077 is

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