Quick Resume not ready for launch?

I was listening to Giant Bomb and they said that quick resume has run into some issues and might not be ready for launch.

Has anyone else reported on this?

There are a small number of games that have some issues with Quick Resume (under 10) and they’ve already identified the bug and have a fix that if memory serves, should be ready for launch.

Everything I tested worked really well. :+1:


That’s good to hear.


Rand Al Thor and co on Xbox Two podcast confirmed this too. Just a bug that’s being fixed but mostly works great

Why is everyone so worrisome over every little thing about the Series X/S, sheesh.


Refer this!



I honestly feel the same, people were even downplaying their (Series X|S) SSD speeds over the PS5… Like what is going on? It’s like people cannot believe the console and its software is solid. Microsoft IS both a HARDWARE and SOFTWARE company. Their stuff has been improving since the first Surface Laptop. Hell, I would even say before then.


Might be a case of it seeming too good to be true :wink:

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This can’t be overstated. I never see the same level of nitpicking of other platforms. Everything is always ratcheted up to the utmost degree, too. A few issues in quick resume? Shit, boys and girls, might not be ready for launch! :woozy_face:

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I think there might also be a bit of people looking for history to repeat itself. Frankly, the Xbox One launch was a mess and this one couldn’t be more different but people like to look for connections :man_shrugging:

Media and warriors largely want another “gotcha” moment like the 2013 launch, it drives clicks and discussion. The last time it happened, it drove MS to completely revamp their strategy, management, and hardware. Now that MS is firing on all cylinders, media and warriors are looking for something to cling on to drive that type of reaction again.

MS did everything near perfectly in terms of hardware, consumer approach, investment, and services (Game Pass).

I think after their studios start pumping out high quality AAA games, the perception will shift. Also lets be fair, I have seen a shit ton of articles dumping on Sony for its non expendable storage at launch, lackluster OS features, size of the console, and poor performance in games.

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Indeed! Credit where it’s due, that was a real tour de force!

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YouTuber JorRaptor just showed that Dirt 5 works with Quick Resume. I believe this is the first example of a XSX game that works with it. Cool!

Hopefully ACV is too and hopefully WDL as well, even though the latter didn’t work for Tom Warren from The Verge.

I think WDL just requires a patch.

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If you watch the Giant Bomb stream, they read this from an email directly from Xbox, so this isn’t a good example of what you’re talking about.

The email they read IS the one with the list of games that have the already identified bug, which again, is due for a fix before public launch.

In terms of why there’s always drama about this kinda thing, can’t help but feel some of it is caused by the Xbox Ones rather woeful implementation of games starting back up after instant on and them not always working.

But yeah, Quick Resume? Very cool.

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I don’t intend on using this, would rather have the disc space considering the loading is super fast anyway.

Jez answers a few QR questions here

Right now there is no warning that a game is leaving QR because the list is full. He does say that games that are in QR have a inverted arrow on the game tile in My games and Apps. He recommends that people always still save their game, as it can be inconsistent.

Which games are on this list? Or do you have a link to this? :slight_smile:

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It’s at 1:16:37 here, if anyone think Giant Bomb is engaging in FUD for… reading Microsoft’s e-mail.