Quick Resume Impacting Download Speeds

Good Morning Xbox Era!

I mentioned the other day that I was pretty sure Quick Resume was negatively impacting my download speeds when installing/updating games. I had a few people ask me about it and I’ve seen comments here and elsewhere about issues with download speeds. Obviously, your own network and server load have a lot to do with it… That being said I took a capture this morning off my Series X that pretty definitively shows what kind of impact having a game suspended can have on your downloads.

I don’t think this is intentional. My understanding of the way Xbox handles downloads is that it devotes significantly less system resources to handling the download if you’re playing a game and reallocates those resources to supporting the download if you aren’t. Not being a software engineer/programmer it seems to me that the Xbox OS is treating suspended games stored on the SSD no different than active games and throttling downloads accordingly. However, since the game is suspended and basically just held on the SSD in a suspended state I doubt it actually requires much if any system resources.

Check out the capture below to see what I mean… And to see Eivor pet a cat :wink: