Quick resume after cold boot

Quick resume works for me if I switch between games but if i turn my series x off completely next time I start up say vallhalla it a normal start up not quick resume Anybody else having this issue ?

Are you running in economic mode? If you run the normal mode (not energy-saving) this definitely doesn’t happen. I seem to remember reading this wouldn’t work in the green mode when setting up

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What triggers a QR dump? I know if I switch games and then power down my QR persists. But if I just switch off without anything else will that trigger a QR dump? I guess it doesn’t if I use instant on?

I read you can unplug your Xbox for days and still quick resume cause it suppose to save your place on the dtive

Hmm wonder if that was my problem only game I had played when testing cold reboot was Valhalla ive now played gears tactic also do I’ll give it another try

That would be cool. I just remember reading something in the initial settings that made me choose instant on. And it boots way, way faster than the 1S

There are a fair few bugs with quick resume, but considering it works as well as it does at launch is impressive.

Hopefully when we progress through the gen and leave last gen behind game devs will design there games with quick resume in mind or Microsoft will tell them what causes quick resume to not work.

Quick resume is working for me now I just needed to play a 2nd game and switch between them

The same thing happens to me. Quick Resume is not working after a cold boot.

Edit: Quick resume is now not working on any game.

Revolutionary technology.

Needs its own menu to show which games still running.

Has it stopped working for anyone else?

Was working for me yesterday, but obviously haven’t tried today. I won’t be able to get back to it until tonight. Honestly JFO loaded faster from QR than it does in game, which is a surprise.

But yesterday switching back and forth between GoW2 and JFO was flawless last night.

Worked fine for me today with Darksiders 3 and ACV.

Quick Resume worked for me with Valhalla even after swapping its disc out. Wild.

Worked for me last night with JFO, and Gears 3. However, Gears 3 did at one point crash, after we went down to the theater room and watched a movie. When we came back, it had frozen. Quit to the OS, and relaunched, and got message about same profile on the 1S, and figured that it wasn’t the system’s fault?

So I think it’s my fault. I need to learn how to have two Xbox’s online at the same time - haven’t done the research