Question regarding Games with Gold and Game Pass

Here’s the thing.

Last year in December our Game Pass Ultimate sub ended. I was the primary user for all those years. Because of XCloud my sharing buddy wanted to be the primary user for the next few years, so we did that.

This resulted in me not being able to play the GwG games like Maid of Sker etc, anymore, unless I log in with his account. Slime Rancher was a GwG game in 2018, I claimed that. I can play the game now because it’s also on Game Pass until the end of this month. But I bet once it leaves I won’t be able to play it anymore. There is not much I can do about this, right? I probably can’t even buy it since we own it already. The tile does have the GwG logo on it, but it’s clearly running via Game Pass since I can’t play any of the GwG I claimed in the previous years.

I did a test. I went offline with the Xbox and started Slime Rancher, but it does boot up. I guess Game Pass games work offline too, tried several games.

The family plan will probably fix this problem when it goes live.

For whatever it’s worth, OG Xbox and 360 Games with Gold titles can be played without a subscription as long as they were redeemed.

This is why you should always be the primary user if you’re sharing subscriptions with friends :rofl:

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Yeah, true. But my brother really wanted to use XCloud and who was I to say no to that? I totally didn’t realize I’d lose access to all the GwG titles.

I just now saw Slime Rancher for a very low price somewhere. If I were to buy that, it should “overrule” the GwG version, right?

I would assume.

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