Question for those playing FH5 in HDR10 or Dolby Vision on OLED

Ever since Forza Horizon 5 launched I’ve been playing it, but I’ve also been tinkering around with getting HDR to look good. I’ve been using Dolby Vision for many games now and I like it in many of these games too. Just now I watched this video…

He has the OLED CX, I have the C9. He recommends to use in-game brightness of 360 if you use HDR10 with HgiG enabled. So I did and this looks fantastic, it seems the brightness setting is like a paper white setting probably. The only thing is, night in the game looks overly bright now, this ain’t right. But even at the default 300 I don’t get those dark nights that I see in YouTube videos. I can lower the in-game brightness but it doesn’t change much.

So basically…for those with an OLED, do you use HDR10 with HgiG enabled or Dolby Vision? And what in-game brightness have you set it to? I am definitely missing out now because the night looks amazing in the clips I saw but on my C9 it’s like the night sky is light blue.

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I haven’t played FH 5 but I am using Dolby Vision for The Division 2 and used it for Guardians of the Galaxy.

On an LG CX, when using HDR10, the OLED Light goes from 50 to 100.

For Dolby Vision, the OLED Light also goes from 50 to 100. Basically, it maxes this out. I have it set to 50 but when HDR/DV is recognized, it goes to 100.

Also for DV, it maxes out the Sharpness which I have set at 25 but goes to 50 when using DV. HDR10 does not change anything for the Sharpness.

One last thing for DV, it changes the White Balance Color Temperature to Warm2 which honestly, I didn’t like so I set it back to Medium.

Unless it’s the Color Temperature making a difference, I don’t notice any actual difference between HDR10 and DV. Both max out the OLED Light to 100 and DV maxes out the Sharpness where as HDR10 doesn’t adjust Sharpness.

Until games arent mastered in Dolby Vision natively we wont really be able to tell much of a difference.

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