Question about the sharing of Game Pass Ultimate

So ever since Xbox allows sharing of games via My home Xbox me and my brother just buy Gold once and share it. With Game Pass Ultimate we’ve done that two years ago. I have always been the primary user. This time around my brother really wants to be the primary because…

  • He’ll be able to play some games via Xcloud during breaks at his job.

But the secondary user cannot use Xcloud, correct? But does anyone know (insiders that also share) if this goes for the feature that lets you stream a game before/while downloading it?

  • He’ll be able to buy games during Deals with Gold.

But the secondary user won’t, correct? This is not the end of the world, it’s not like i buy games every week or even every month so if it would mean me having to ask my brother to buy a certain game and I give him the money that’s ok…

Are there any other downsides to being secondary user?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

if this goes for the feature that lets you stream a game before/while downloading it?

Not sure yet, my answer is probably going to gravitate toward no.

and honestly I’ve had nothing but trouble with xcloud (I live around the Philadelphia area and have very fast internet). I only jump on it once in a blue moon just to test the service.

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Not sure if it’s correct but it’s easier to gift game to your brother without going through money sending thing.

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I asked on another forum too and he said his girlfriend can make use of the game streaming option too, so it seems it should be fine. Nice.

That’s a damn good idea. That would mean I pay with my PayPal (even deals with gold and other sales?) And he downloads the game and then I can too?

Yes. Basically, in this case, you are gifting it to yourself :smiley:.

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Oh wait, so let’s say my bro is not available to install the game, but I gift him the game. I can just find it at the ready to install section anyway? I always thought he’d have to install it first for secondary user to be able to see it in ready to install.

Not that it would be a problem since I can easily log into his account. But if not needed, great!!!

I’ll hijack with my own question as it seems on topic.

I’m completely dumb to how this works, so sorry if this is a very obvious question:

If I shared Game Pass Ultimate with a second console, can both play at the same time?

I ask as my girlfriend has become addicted to Stardew Valley, and we now often want to game at the same time. Was considering getting her a Series S so we don’t conflict – this would work, right?

No need for install. I think he just needs to accept the gift to be shown on his account. Then you can download it. He doesn’t need to install it at all.

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Yes. This is how I and my brother play/share. She just needs to set your account on her console to be primary (Home console) and then she just uses her account to play games from your account. Just don’t set your account on your console to be Home.

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Same here - my son’s console is my home console, my Series X and S are not - he gets all my perks - Game Pass, Gold etc - and so do I. The only downside is if the internet is down, I can’t play anything except on his Xbox. But that’s a rare issue.

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Thanks for the help people.

Then it’s settled. I don’t want to stand my brother in the way with this, especially even more when the downsides are so very insignificant.

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Is this scenario possible?

I have gamepass ultimate but I am on pc. One of my friends is buying an Xbox and he would like to use my gamepass ultimate on his console.

Is it possible for him to have his own achievements, saves and stuff on his console while I have my own on my pc while using this ultimate sub?

You could have his console set as YOUR home console, even though you won’t be using it. He would get all your benefits, and you would continue as normal on PC on his own gamertag, even if you’re not actively logged in.

It’s a win for them and you kinda get nothing out of it. :person_shrugging: