Question about SSDs

So Jeffrey Grubb the other day showed that copying games from a external SSD to the Xbox Series X SSD is quite fast, which is great because with less than 1TB at our disposal we are going to be doing that A LOT, I know I will.

He also showed how much longer this process takes if you copy games from a normal USB HDD to the XSX SSD, much, much longer. So today I was in the Mediamarkt here and I saw a few very affordable SSDs.

Here are all the SSDs they have

For as little as 70 euros a 500GB SSD can be had…this one

But my question is, is that one good enough? Or do we need one with a certain speed and specific tech?

If you want to play series S|X games, you need to buy an approved memory expansion (the infamous 220USD seagate). There is no workaround here. Any other external drive will only store the game, in case you want to copy the game back to the internal ssd.

If you want to use that external drive for xbox one (360, OG xbox) games, any SSD-based USB 3.0 / 3.1 will improve loading times.

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It’s solely for BC games but also especially to store the BC games on and so that I can move them fast to the internal SSD instead of a regular HDD that takes about seven minutes for larger games whereas with SSD only like two minutes.

It would be fine, but I would get one with 500mb/s, so you are maxing out the usb 3.1 500mb/s bandwidth.

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If you want to use this drive externally you also need a case that allows you to connect the drive via usb to the console. The speed of the ssd isn’t much of an issue here as it will be limited by the usb 3.2 Gen 1 spec which is around 500 mb/s if I am not mistaken.

There is the T5 which is external, you may look into this. Because you brought it up I just bought the 2GB model. Good job :wink:

This T5?

300 euros here. I’m not gonna spend that just only for BC games. I would then rather go for the SSD card for XSX. Did you manage to find the T5 for a real nice price! :slight_smile:

Also, the one I link to by Seagate seems to be an external drive and the last picture shows it connected via USB to a laptop. Should work on Xbox then?

That T5 but I bought it at for 25% off.

Every external drive with a USB Type-A should run with a Xbox One and Xbox Series