Quantum Error no longer PS5-only, coming to Xbox

Seems that Sony lost an exclusive game here:


Doesn’t this make at least two, with “Martha is Dead?”


Seems to be the case, yes. Wonder if it has to do with these smaller indie devs finally getting dev kits or something?

Or the check? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The amount of salt in the comments lmao. 12 year olds are something else

Which comments? Mine are intended to be satire and silly with a wishful thinking base. I hope they come across as such.

Oh no no. Not you. I meant the YouTube link.

Ah, thank you. I may read 'em for a chuckle.

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“Martha is Dead” is now timed console exclusive for Xbox.

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Martha is only Xbox and PC now. No mention of playstation anymore.