QuakeCon announced 19-21 August

Lol, we never hearing the end of it



Massive storm incoming for these people :rofl:

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Machinegames did expansions though?

They did. Sorry.

Yeah, bummer. I really hoped we would get something fresh.

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I mean, I’ve seen multiple people go to EB games and ask for Halo on PS2 back in the day. Even saw a mother screaming at the staff member when he insist there was no such thing. Threatened to take her business to K-Mart if they wouldn’t give it to her.


  • Quake “revitalized” is either this port with new stuff by MachineGames. MachineGames is not doing Reboot.

  • MachineGames is doing reboot, but still too early to show at this time. Maybe a teaser sometime later.

  • There is no Quake reboot. This was the information given to Nick, Wolfenstien III lives on to fight another day.

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Maybe the Quake they meant was the impact of the news on the forum lol