QuakeCon announced 19-21 August


One thing to note… Prey was announced at E3 2016 with a cgi trailer, then proceeded to have a gameplay unveiling at QuakeCon that August.

Wouldn’t be surprised to see Redfall turn up here or Gamescom.


Deathloop seems to be the headlining game, I hope to see Redfall and maybe a Quake reboot :eyes:


That would be very nice.

It would be fun to see something from XGS too :wink:

I would love to see even a Quake remaster here. I want them to go back to the goth style of the first game.


100%. The later Quakes were good games in terms of gameplay, level design etc. but I was always left flat by the series transition into a samey sci fi aesthetic. Quake for me will always be the dark, gothic world of the original with its creepy lovecraftian monsters. Would love to see that reimagined in the modern idtech engine.


My thoughts exactly. Original Quake and Quake II were some of my favorite years in gaming.

I’m not holding my breath but if there is anything concerning a new Quake, even a teaser, my head will explode.


If they make a new game they could pretty easily imply or show that the Stroggverse is just one of the many worlds connected by the slipgates, and the eldritch abomonation can be a threat to many of them.

I do think unifying Doom/Quake1/Quake2 universes makes some sense, even if it’s just light teases and easter eggs for fans. In Doom Eternal lore, when Makyrs don’t have a supply of argent energy they eventually keep mutating into eldritch abomonations, so in principle they could be directly connected to the lore of Quake in that sense too.

I do agree with most people that the bizarre gothic mish-mash of Quake 1 would be a more interesting direction for a soft or hard reboot compared to Quake 2 stuff.

Remaster of quake 1 would be fine, although I want more than that!


It’s live!


I remember when MS used Mixer, streams were much more reliable…


BTW guys. Nightdive developed the Quake port. There is no mention of MachineGames. I think we are getting the reboot announced.


The a/v sync is getting better

Are they doing it in the Bethesda offices. The offices do look good.

It was getting better but then the last segment had a MFT of audio dropouts. Also had some periods of both audio and video dropouts. Then it was looking stable. But had some audio dropouts a minute ago.

Maybe best to give up on watching the stream and catch the hilights later.

So no reboot announcement?

Also it is fascinating how people still have the source code, original resources and so on for that old game, while I won’t be able to build any my project older than 3-5 years lol

Not yet.

That might be for tomorrow’s event? Can’t find the schedule to specify the time, but seems like it could be done then.

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Oh, I see. There is “Let’s talk Quake” tomorrow for 1.5 hours

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Yes, the 10:30 AM “Let’s talk Quake” session, which was detailed to have talks with MachineGames and DigitalFoundry.

the Quake remaster/port reveal was very brief today. Clearly not the main event.