Quake is now available for Xbox

No issue with not being exclusive. I mean the game was on all platforms before anyway. Get some money from the Sony crowd too!

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So, how does crossplay work? Is it input based? Can I use m+kb on console?


Another minus for those releases.

So… console players are supposed to go up against m+kb players on PC?

game crashes on every startup for me on PC :unamused:

The Dark Souls of FPS.

I had to switch from Xbox to PC for this one. The input lag on the xbox version had me feeling sick in about 30 seconds.

I wonder if Quake Champions will ever come to Xbox consoles.

I doubt there will be RT support, it’s not Nightdive area of expertise and they would have marketed it big if present or scheduled.

I think we could see a similar Quake 2 package next year if this remaster will do well as it seems, last official port of that game was the Xbox 360 one bundled with Quake 4 in 2005 (ironically the best port of Quake 2 ever made, a polished version of the original pc game of 1997), we’ll see, anyway if this wasn’t exclusive, Quake 2 wouldn’t be even more so, considering that one had an actual PS1 port. Quake 3…I don’t think so, Quake Live (or the Arcade 360 port) are already modern remasters and Quake Champions is the remake/reboot of the same game, I’d port it without bothering too much with Quake 3 Arena.

If nothing else is programmed, because they don’t feel it and/or because they want to reboot the saga along the lovecraftian feel of the first and the other games are all sequels of Quake 2, then I expect at minimum a BC treatment of the games already on 360, they’d cover all of them except for Champions, which is still in EA 4 years after launch, another odd thing.

Seein the MVG video and the big differences in Xbox Wire and PS Blog posts, I feel PS was the lead version of this endeavour and it’s strange considering the weak legacy of the series on PS.

The lack of physical release for one of their own IPs is a big embarassment, even more so they let legalised scalpers like LRG handle it only for the competition, lol. I think they could order a 50k print to Technicolor (the plant MS uses for Xbox disks and their minimum order) and not risk bankrupt, lol, this MS aversion for physical is almost comical, I get it for indies and not bothering with 3-4-5k prints (which are stupid and I don’t understand people praising Sony and Nintendo for facilitating them, these practices only lead to scalping), but for historical IPs like this or Doom or even their own XGS games, meh.

Quake wasn’t on PS, that port was scrapped and generally the IP had never a big history on console except for 360 (the one which received most games and even an high profile exclusive with Quake 4). The legacy software Phil thing does not apply here, it is simply a previous commitment (MVG said they are working on it since Quakecon 2019), but it muddies the messagging about Xbox and Bethesda indeed, I’ve seen plenty on the web and honestly even for us we follow the industry carefully is difficult to not wonder what MS would do at EVERY Bethesda announcement, it’s the reality of things.