Puzzle Auto-battler 'Merge & Blade' Gets First Major Update

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Developer Magic Cube Games has announced that the first major update to their puzzle auto-battler ‘Merge & Blade’ is now available on Xbox consoles. Adding in eight new characters, two new missions, and balance changes slash bug fixes, this update will be one of the many players can look forward. Two of the eight characters and one mission are paid DLC, and the rest are free. The company has a year-long roadmap prepared and Magic Cube Games particularly highlights the upcoming changes to their roguelite mode in the 3rd quarter of 2023 for players to better enjoy “growth or want to enjoy Merge & Blade without any burden.”

Have a gander at a trailer (courtesy of Next Indie) for the game and the press release below. Merge & Blade is a fantasy puzzle game where players merge units to take on stronger castles and groups of enemies. It is currently available on Xbox Game Pass for consoles, PC, and cloud, and the company promises to support cross-save functionality and cloud touch support for the game in the future. Check it out here.

The first major update to Merge & Blade for Xbox has been released

Indie game developer Magic Cube today released the first major update to its hit puzzle auto-battle game, Merge & Blade, to the XBOX platform as well.

This update includes 8 new roguelike characters and 2 new roguelike missions.

Merge & Blade is a game that emphasizes the fun of a unique mechanic, so the added modes and characters are also designed with a special mechanic to give new fun.

One of the new character, Prophet, use preview infinitely. Berserker that gets stronger each time getting attack makes players attempt different strategy.

In addition to new content, the update includes Bug Fix, balance adjustment and UI improvement.

“a year-long update roadmap is prepared as a token of their gratitude to everyone who has been interested in the game.”, said Magic cube. “In particular, the roguelite mode that will be updated in the third quarter of 2023 will be the best content for those who like growth or want to enjoy merge and blade without any burden. And we promise to support cross save function and cloud touch function for Xbox fans.Please look forward to it.”

Merge & Blade Update 1 Press Release