Psychological-horror Escape Room 'Don't Be Afraid 2' Announced for PC and Consoles

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Developers Eneida Games and Cat-astrophe Games have announced that their latest psychological horror-infused escape room game ‘Don’t Be Afraid 2’ will be coming to PC via Steam, the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series consoles. A sequel to the first released back in 2020, number 2 promises more frightening scenarios when it launches sometime in the future.

Per the press release:

Play as David in a harrowingly crafted horror game, deal with horrifying visions as you find your way out of a mansion where the line between dreams and reality is blurred and awaiting to haunt you to the core. After the success of its predecessor, Cat-astrophe Games and Eneida Games are ready to challenge your guts once again!

With two different endings where will you end up? Will you escape or succumb to your fears? Can you deal with David’s past or will it break you? Struggle your way through the horrors that endure in David’s psyche, navigate a series of sinister escape rooms each more terrifying than the last, and uncover the chilling truth behind the nightmares.

The original Don’t Be Afraid was much loved by our community, brave horror game fans that accepted the frightening challenge ahead of them. Now, we propose an even scarier, and gut-wrenching experience not for the faint of heart. Will you have what it takes to survive? We can’t wait to see you try!

Krzysztof Szymański, Narrative Director

Key Game Features:

  • A captivating mix of horror and puzzle elements, designed to keep players on the edge of their seats.
  • Several bone-chilling escape rooms, each presenting unique challenges to overcome.
  • A gripping narrative that blurs the boundaries between dreams and reality, delving deep into David’s darkest fears.
  • Disturbing drawings, notes, and documents scattered throughout the game, revealing the unsettling truth lurking within.
  • Two unique endings, offering players the chance to shape David’s fate based on their choices and actions.

Have a gander at the gameplay trailer and screenshots below for more details on Don’t Be Afraid 2.