PSVR not coming to PS5 anytime soon?

-Jim Ryan

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I hope PS5 games at least support the current PSVR.

It does.

I know it supports the hardware, I’m talking about actual games using it, like GT7 or RE8.

I don’t think any PS5 games have been announced as using VR yet.

So he basically is saying what Phil Spencer has been saying this entire time. VR makes sense on a PC, not in a living room.


Are they pulling the plug ? Because that’s a weird thing to say to your customers. Like, honestly, he’s right, but that’s not what you want to hear going into next-gen.

Here I thought Resident Evil 8 would have a VR mode.

The future does not sound to bright for VR on playstation. PSVR is in need of an update and the tech is ready.

It does not surprise me though PSVR has not done well for sony or the devs making games for it. New platforms require HUGE investment , sony is simply not caperble of doing this at the same time as the PS5 or probably many years after its launch.

In my opinion, VR needs better haptic feedback elements, foveated rendering and has to be wireless before it will go fully mainstream.

I’m surprised by what Jim is saying here. I actually thought PSVR did reasonably well, but I guess not. At some point I was expect maybe Half Life Alyx to come to it actually.

As others here already said, seems like Phil was right on the money. They did have Todd Howard talking about VR in that first One X clip back then, but I’m guessing Phil soon came to the realization that VR wasn’t gonna be it.

I’ll be honest even with all that I think the experience will suck.

It’s just not a good experience to use a helmet with an screen up close no matter how good the screen or how light the helmet are.

I can only see it truly taking off when we are at some black mirror level solution, like putting a chip that directly alters the reality around your brain.

The Quest is the future of VR. I don’t think there will be a PSVR2 in the lifetime of PS5. Sony barely even dipped their toe in the end, shoved it out with no support and largely stopped talking about it years ago. Every now and then they throw it a bone.

Well this answers my question…

Probably just sell my PSVR then.

Sony was not being truthful IMO with their continued pushing of PSVR because the data was there to show it wasn’t taking hold well at all for their customer base, so once again they finally tell some truth on something.

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Remember when Sony said there were ‘thousands of games’ in development for PSVR

Allegedly PSVR2 release window is Q1 2023 according to this Tuber:

Seems like it would have been to perfect thing to release for Christmas.

Yes, but there has to be software available for it too. Maybe they needed time to get that situated.

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My interpretation is yes VR will be the leading way computing will be done. It probably won’t be in the next 5 years or so but VR will be big. They are building up to that future.

My only concern with Sony’s approach is how many fans will be recurring VR fans. How many people will buy PSVR2 that bought the original. I don’t think the Kinect success transferred over to Kinect 2 and I don’t think the same will happen with VR devices.

People buy one VR device and hold on to it for years. I think Sony needs to make one dedicated PSVR make it stand alone and concentrate all development for it to succeed.

Whoever does that may it be Sony, Facebook, Apple, they will be the one to usher this VR future.

The problem for gaming companies is they have to allocate resources to these VR devices and lose resources for their consoles.

Change the title… So confusing :rofl:

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