PSO2: New Genesis gameplay demo (TGS 20)


This looks great, I’m definitely going to play it. I played PSO on the Dreamcast back in the day and I played the hot garbage that was Phantasy Star Universe on the 360. I never got around to playing PSO2 though.


Did they ever confirm on what system this is coming? Is it Xbox One/Series and PC again like with PSO2?

Oh cool can’t wait to play it. The gameplay looks really great and the graphics are really nice.

Looks great. I’ve spent a lot of hours into PSO2 and had a lot of fun with it so I’ll definitely be playing this on the Xbox Series X.

Yep, it’s confirmed for Xbox One/Xbox Series/PC.

So is this a new game or a expansion?

It looks so much better visually than what I’ve played on xbox one x.

New game.


is it better to build a character for when this launches or is it better to play current game and transfer character over

Whichever you wanna do will be fine

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That demo looks great, as someone who has never played one of these games, is it a mmo/online game or can it be played in single player?

It’s an MMO.

Is it true that Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is not coming to PS5?

Liked a timed exclusive at most.

I agree. However we still haven’t seen vanilla PSO2 come to PS4 yet.