PSN Summer Sale? & Where Is Xbox Summer Sale? Lol

Is Anybody Up to date on Psn Sale ?? I didn’t knew there was sale and got Ghost Of Tsushima spent 60 buck :expressionless: Got 15 bucks wallet got any recommendation or wait more games will be later added.Wht Happend to Xbox Summer Sale?? This Yr


Yeah normally the Xbox summer sale happens around this time of year. I’m personally waiting for a sale for KH3 Remind, I’ve finished the base game last month (or was it in June? I honestly can’t remember) so I can play it and then uninstall the whole game.

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I have very little faith in a Xbox Live Summer Sale anymore. Past years dates have all been long gone and with the Summer Spotlight thing still going I don’t see it happening. Maybe they merged it with that E3 sale we had in May/June.

I’ll keep my eyes out though :eyes:

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I thought the summer sale was months ago, there was a huge sale not even that long ago… :s

Edit: worth noting I’m awful at keeping track of time and dates, so I could be horrifically wrong.

I believe that was meant to be their fake E3 sale, they tend to have an E3 sale around June and summer sale in July/August.