PSA: Persona 5 Royal has a HUGE chunk of missable content (including the true ending!) Here's a spoiler-free guide on ensuring you do not miss it

Persona 5 Royal is going to come to Xbox and PC later this year. I am extremely excited to be able to replay one of my favorite games of all time on a new system, but I am also really excited about so many new players getting to experience how incredible it is for the first time themselves.

So keeping that in mind - that there will be many who will be playing at the very least Persona 5 Royal for the first time on Xbox/PC (if not playing Persona 5 in any form for the first time), I wanted to share a quick, spoiler free PSA.


This significant chunk of content includes the entire Royal path (which is about 30 hours of gameplay), and is arguably the best content in the game, if not the entire series.

There are specific requirements to make sure you get this content. They’re extremely simple, and below, I will explain in general, spoiler-free terms how you can make sure you’re meeting all the requirements:

Some notes - these suggestions are going to be in extremely general terms that, if you are a new player to the series and have very little familiarity with it, may not make any sense to you now, until you play the game. Even when you play the game, however, what is listed below is general, and spoils no character or story moments:

  • Make sure to reach Counselor Arcana Level 9 before November 15
  • Make sure to reach Faith Arcana Level 5 before November 15
  • Make sure to reach Justice Arcana Level 8 before November 24
  • At certain critical junctures in the story, you will have the chance to strike out on your own, or continue to stick with your friends. Always choose to stick with your friends.

That’s really it. Honestly, the requirements are things that most players will naturally and organically end up doing themselves anyway; however, since they’re never explicitly communicated, it also means that at least some players do find themselves locked out far too late, with the only option being either to complete the play through and not get the best ending, or to restart a game they have spent 70-90 hours in already. So this is me spreading the word to save you from that fate.

Anyway, when the game is out and you play it, I hope you love it. Remember to take your time!


Thank you for this!


Yeah, you can be almost 100 hours in before realizing you’re locked out of content. Thanks for letting people know!



Bookmarking this for when I need it. :+1:


Good Info, Thanks


I never got that far. I stopped playing at 3rd dungeon so around June I think but if P4 is anything to go by which doesn’t have as big of missable stuff…its best to basically make hard saves before the last few months

Those parameters are probably very easy to achieve even on a normal run but to be safe. Just make saves around October and early November. I honestly don’t know anything story related past June so I’m excited but I know how these games work…sometimes you just have to look up spoiler free guides to not miss stuff. Tbh I’ve never been a fan of those lets maximise everything first playthrough. It makes playing the game with too much anxiety about missing stuff. Just enjoy it and take note of the critical things.

Most of those levels can be met even before October from what i hear

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persona 5r being long as dq games is crazy

Theyre longer. Dqxi is around 60 to 70. P5 is longer than that by at least 20 hours.

Same thing with Persona 4 Golden. That’ll take a while but if you don’t do a particular set of dialogue choices, you’ll miss out on so much stuff. 3 is more direct in getting the real ending. 4 and 5R do require a guide at one point.

I’m probably going to need this in October, thanks!

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Yeah, I’ll make a post like this for 4G once that’s near release as well. 5 Royal’s requirements are thankfully not as obtuse as 4G’s are. The game mostly nudges you towards doing these things when you are playing it anyway. 4G is just, you have to do some very specific things at very specific times, or else, lol.


Thanks for this post OP. Quite scary you can miss out of a lot of content if you’re not careful. But I’ve bookmarked this thread and will look again come October.

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Haven’t played Royal yet but from my understanding you’d have to continue to ignore the game nudging you in a direction to have this issue. Either way, it’s good to get the word out since everyone approaches games differently.

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Yeah, the game makes it fairly intuitively clear that there are certain things you should be prioritizing, but it does seem to happen to enough people that I felt it was best to get ahead of it, particularly with a lot of new people about to start it soon lol.


Any guides for 100% the game and unlocking all achievements in one play through? I played the vanilla versio. So that wasn’t possible until Royal. Even though I bought a copy of Royal, never got around to playing it again but I think enough time has gone by where I could go through another play through and try to u lock all the achievements.

There are guides for trophies…they will have the same achievements. Yo ucan get everything but would require multiple saves most likely and redoing stuff. I’d keep an eye on it as the Game comes out. Since you’ve beaten Vanilla you don’t need to worry too much about spoilers but reading through the trophy list should give you an idea of how you can go about getting them in one playthrough.

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It is awesome persona is on Xbox and not only that to be off topic in this one it would also be super awesome if FF7 remake comes to Xbox ecosystem and it could and should get a good foothold in Japan

It wont sony have that in lockdown. Im fine with persona for now.

Hey I mean u never know it could still come look at ff7 crisis core it is playable everywhere.

I think another good tip for new players is: pace yourself. Don’t rush things. It’s perfectly reasonable to play P5 over a few months. The game is fantastic, but gameplay loop can become exhausting when trying to rush things and try to finish the game over a few weeks. It took me over 7 months to finish the game (I also played other things). YMMV but I think Persona 5 is best savoured over months, not weeks

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