PS5 - Disc or Digital version?

I was leaning Digital but if games are going to be £70, the Digital version can go to hell.

Which one you getting?
  • Digital
  • Disc

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For me, in both consoles it will be Digital games I plan to spend 40+ hours in like FIFA, Gears, etc.

Disc for games I’ll play less than 30 hours like CoD, Spider Man MM, etc.

Though, being Xbox main, I won’t have to buy many games as they will come to Gamepass.

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Digital won’t even sell in my country lmao its disc and used games land out here. So yeah, if I ever get these consoles, will definitely be going with the physical version

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Digital was all EB had so I got it.

Given the price of PS5 games, I’ll basically be buying nothing until it’s on sale. Which is fine, I broke FOMO years ago.


Plan on having the Series X as the main machine, picking up the digital and just occasionally forking out for a month of PS Plus each time one of the big exclusives finally finds its way on to it. As most of the Playstation exclusives are linear story games, a month should be enough to clear it and Bingo Bango £70 game for £7.

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I planned to go all digital with the PS4 but I got a physical GT Sport as a gift. So I have a similar plan with the PS5.

A part of me is hoping that Sony looks at BC emulation for at least PS1 and PS2 titles, which would make me get the disc version, but it’s nonsensical to make a decision on a hope that’s based on nothing in reality. But that would the only thing to make me consider getting the disc version.

The digital looks better being symmetrical and would look great standing by a standing XSX.

That said, it might be a while before I get one. I’m just explaining my thought process.

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When the time comes that I can actually snag one, Disc Edition 100%. Buy, play, complete, trade in, repeat. Only way I buy a PS5 game digitally is if -

  1. It’s a full console digital only exclusive or
  2. If there will be expansions (like AC Valhalla for example) but even then, it MUST be announced and revealed BEFORE the base game itself releases.

Playstation exclusives will take a year minimum to come to ps+ or ps now, TLOU2 is not on those services yet.

I got TLOU2 digitally for £47 because I got psn gift cards with a value of £55 for £47.

£48 or even 50 for a game I can live with. But if ps exclusives are £69 on ps store, people may be able to get it for about £62 by using gifts instead, this really rubs me the wrong way, that amount really is over priced.

But I will probably still get a digital ps5 because I only play a few ps games in the entire gen and XSX will be my daily driver.

If I ever get a PS5 (not with the current design for sure) it will be physical. It just comes that I only play a few games on Sony consoles and then sell it as a complete package. I have a history of doing it that way. PS3 (MGS4, Ni No, Kuni, Demon’s Souls, Uncharted 1 & 2, Final Fantasy XIII). PS4 (Horizon Zero Dawn, Ni No Kuni 2 and Nier: Automata).


Thanks for reminding me I bought TLOU2 that way too, and it’s the biggest regretful digital purchase I’ve ever had. Now I might just have to go disk only for PS5 just in case I get stung again.

Whenever they release a not-hideous version I will get the disc version. Like @Colbert I sell the entire thing once I’ve played the handful of exclsuive games I’m interested in.

Plus I get to buy cheap physical copies of games on sale.

On Xbox I’m almost all digital since that is my primary eco-system and I feel safe going digital.

Looking like digital slim for me at this point. I just wait for Sony to “devalue” their games and buy them for $10-20 digitally anyway, so I’m fine waiting for price cuts. And the big game I was interested in early is coming to PS4 now (Horizon 2).

Thats interesting, how did TLOU2 disappoint you?

I figured i would save more going digital

£359 for the console

I get naughty dog games at launch, so going physical wont be much cheaper.

I actually really enjoyed the first 10 hours. The gameplay felt good, the graphics were nice, and the story was ok. I think around hour 15 I started to really feel like the game was a chore and I stopped liking the story.

It received a great metacritic score, so each to their own. For me personally, I disliked some of the directions and elements. Absolutely love TLOU1, though.

I’m going to wait it out for a slim revision as I hate the size of it, but I’d go digital. I skipped the PS4, so the exclusives I missed would be the first games I’d get for the system, so they’d be pretty cheap now, especially during a sale.

Visuals/audio/gameplay/combat were all great to excellent. Story and characters though, oh man, what a freaking disaster. If you want to know how to destroy a franchise and it’s characters, look no further than TLOUP2.

TLOU (2013) was my game of the generation for Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 so to go from that to the sequel being a disappointment for me…smh.

Arhh, yeah, there were several points where I was like “its gonna finish, oh, I guess not”

I didnt mind it though because of the different locations and the story was so good.

My brother in law buys the Playstation consoles, where I buy the Xbox consoles. From time to time we swap them out for a week or so, to play some of the exclusive games from the other console.

He is getting the the disc version, as the digital store for PS games is very expensive (his words). He envy’s Gamepass a bit, as it’s more expensive for him to play exclusives than for me. But with selling of used copies he can lower the average price he pays for his games.