Ps5 cross gen games playing ps4 versions and you wouldn't really know it

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Yeah I only bought Miles Spider-Man and it added the ps4 and ps5 versions which wouldn’t be that big of deal except they aren’t labeled so I had to google file sizes to figure out which is which.

This is why Smart Delivery is a thing. CoD tried to skip that and now it too runs into the same issue on Xbox. Hope people realise smart delivery was not just a buzzword for free upgrade when there’s all of these things that are also automatically taken care of.


Jackfrags was tricked too. He streamed Black Ops on PS5 but launched the PS4 version, because that’s the icon that was put on his home screen. He didn’t see that it was downloading the two versions.

That’s a weird one. I didn’t think it could be a thing. Smart delivery is supposed to be an industry standard, but it seems more and more that it’s not as simple as it sounds.

Smart delivery, the way MS implements it, was never a industry standard.


It just should be. :slight_smile:


Yeah, but I hope it is in the future, in some form or another. With much of the sales being digital nowadays, it is expected. Or maybe I’m so used to how Xbox handles these things.


Wow, what a weird, stupid unforced error. Not a big deal really, but quietly baffling.

Now that is a different error. One that should be an easy fix for Sony in comparison to some other, more serious ones

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